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  1. 1 hour ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

    I respectfully disagree regarding the ignore button.   I want to experience all of life’s rich pageant. 

    It’s like going to a zoo.  Yeah I like to see the pandas and elephants and read all the interesting educational stuff, but I also make sure to see the monkeys with the crazy shaped butts and the snake that can eat a Volkswagen. 

    Just make sure you stand out of throwing distance...

  2. 3 hours ago, tbhawksfan said:

    I believe in the new regime. Love the hires but this year was patch work and it's going to take some time to get the talent level up. I'm not crying or worked up about it. I've been a Falcon fan since about 70 but it's not an emotional thing for me. When I make a projection, it's a completely rational observation.

    Here's something I've learned in life...if someone has to state something that should be obvious, it usually isn't true. 

    If someone has to state how humble they are, then it's not true.  If they were, there would have been no need to say so. Their actions would have already shown it.

    If someone has to state how rational they are, don't believe them.  Because if they were, there would be no need to state it.  Their words would have already shown it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Slumerican said:

    Just watched the kyle pitts interview..he lost me at fast and psychical and flying around the field..why do they just keep recycling the same slogans 

    Its sports man...when you get asked the same questions over and over its easier to throw out catchphrases and slogans.

  4. Just now, TTU Falcon said:

    All i know is it's irrelevant to the 2021 Falcons.

    No one knows what would have happened, but it doesn't matter anymore.  We have Arthur Smith now and it's time to accept that 2016 was 5 long years ago.

    We have hardly any holdovers from that roster anymore.  Time to let it go.

    I think the point is that we were never lacking in talent since he left...we were lacking in scheme

  5. 12 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    First off, I’m glad you didn’t give the Homer answer, so that alone validates that you gave a quality response! 

    Now that we are past that, Let’s see how these guys run behind our line as it’s hard to compare backs who didn’t run behind the same line.

    Plus, I will take this years pair over last years. 

    That's all I'm saying...I think we have 3 running backs on our roster this year that were better than any of the running backs on our roster last year.  That might not be saying much but...it is what it is

  6. Just now, BLM said:

    I drafted him cuz he was the only RB we have.  Patterson is not a Rb.  Gallman may take a fair amount of carries so too bad we signed him.  But I have no illusions that he's probably gonna plod along for 3.8 or 3.9 y/c but he'll get  abunch of attempts.

    Considering he average 3.9 last year when he was seeing stacked boxes and had the entire defense scheming to stop him...I don't see him doing any worse here

  7. 13 minutes ago, BLM said:

    Well we'll see.  I have average opinion of Smith, def better than Saleh IMO who just seems hoorah.  There are goods and bads.  I'm positive on DC, negative on our OC and QB coach.

    Davis is not an improvement lol.  He's a stop gap until we have more cap to do something or we finally decided to draft a RB in round 2 or something.

    Over Todd Gurley?  Yea, he's an improvement.  Is Gurley even on an NFL roster right now? lol.  Davis will be a big surprise to a lot of people this year.  But yea, we'll see...

  8. 1 minute ago, BLM said:

    No improvement in OL, no improvement in RB, lost Julio, gained a project in Pitts.  Only good thing is Falcons will probably get some garbage time yards.


    And the jury is out.  I know everyone gives Smith credit, but I like to see what happens first before I crown Smith as a QB guru.  We all see coordinators leave (ahem Dan Quinn or any of the Pats guys like Mangini) but the real guy is the HC of those teams.  I think Saleh to the jets is the same, Shannahan the mastermind, Saleh just got lucky.

    That and our offensive coaches SUCK.  We have bears coaches and they failed to develop anyone on offense.  Trubisky already looks better with the Bills.  Our bears coaches couldn't make work with pro-bowl jordan howard.  A RB coach is a QB coach now - it's a mess on the offensive side.

    I will give props to our DC.  We finally have potentially a legit guy since he coached for the Ravens and they are always good.

    but...mike vrabel is a defensive coach so who else would have been the mastermind behind the titans offense?  Plus...improvement on the OL, major improvement at RB (not even close).  When have the Falcons ever gotten garbage time stats?  Most of our losses last year were in games we had the lead and we lost by less than one possession so literally none of the stats would qualify as garbage time.

  9. 11 minutes ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

    I agree with all of your points.  I am being overly animated with PointSwayzee on purpose with the sole intention of helping him see what he’s actually doing & how he’s portraying himself.  I’m def not holier than thou, because I get emotionally caught up in the games but also know when & how to put it into pec tube.  It’s almost as if he’s trying to call people out for being excited???  That’s where I have an issue mostly. 

    It’s not helpful & as you mention, we’re all quite aware of the team’s shortcomings.  And yet we’re able to process the disappointment from the past & regroup in order to enjoy a new day with hope & a brighter outlook even if it involved a slow turnaround.  Football is back & I am looking forward to it!  I wish more folks could process things this way as it makes for a happier life.  

    He's mad we didn't draft Justin Fields...all the people acting this way are the same.  They're mad Matt Ryan is still the qb and we didn't draft Justin Fields.  They spent an entire year convincing themselves that Matt Ryan was terrible and they were intellectually superior for being the ones to realize it.  Then the people that actually get paid to make decisions didn't see it their way and now they are butthurt.

  10. Just now, Herr Doktor said:

    Compared to just last season alone, I think we have made huge strides at Safety, Linebacker, Running Back, TE, Oline (Still have a ? or two), QB2, DT depth, to name a few.  Realistically, we are a better team overall.  Great team?  Probably not.  I think some folks bro just have such an agenda, that they cannot see the field for their blinkers.

    this dude is just a troll...

  11. 7 minutes ago, PointSwayzee said:

    I'll reverse that and tell me why we are anything but we have been the past 3 year? 

    My point is, if we suck again in 2021, would the full rebuild have been the right call and the answer is yes. 

    coaching...it's that simple

  12. Just now, tbhawksfan said:

    Man you know since I've been here I've noticed you and I really look up to you. It really hurts me that you say that....

    Honestly I just see a team that will struggle to win 7-8 games and that it's going to take time to get things right. I don't care to play message board macho with any of you guys because the play on the field is the only truth. Cheers

    There are some really good posts on the message board that can teach you the basics of football if you're interested...

  13. 4 minutes ago, tbhawksfan said:

    Do you even see the reality of the talent on this team? Do you have any idea what and how long it's going to take to fix that? Ryan will be retired before the Falcons are good enough to not suck

    We have more talent now then we did in 2015...honestly, if you know this little about football you should probably stop posting for awhile and just read...

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