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  1. so far i saw some of the mistakes being made in week 1 were corrected in week 2. The punter that made two huge mistakes...is gone.
  2. yea, I remember Koetter specifically saying that, "we have to win our matchups". Essentially, our players have to beat the man across from them.
  3. I don't think we really got a chance to see what we can do in the redzone...we got a penalty every time we got down there. That being said, I think the better offensive teams try to strike before they get in the redzone. Once you get within 30 yds you need to start taking shots.
  4. Julio not looking too good...hate to see it
  5. They also had no passing threat either. Defenses were keying in against the run every game.
  6. Here's something I've learned in life...if someone has to state something that should be obvious, it usually isn't true. If someone has to state how humble they are, then it's not true. If they were, there would have been no need to say so. Their actions would have already shown it. If someone has to state how rational they are, don't believe them. Because if they were, there would be no need to state it. Their words would have already shown it.
  7. I play in a league with a bunch of UGA fans that don't know anything about football and i win almost every year
  8. Its sports man...when you get asked the same questions over and over its easier to throw out catchphrases and slogans.
  9. I think the point is that we were never lacking in talent since he left...we were lacking in scheme
  10. We have a running back with two legs...instant upgrade
  11. That's all I'm saying...I think we have 3 running backs on our roster this year that were better than any of the running backs on our roster last year. That might not be saying much but...it is what it is
  12. Considering he average 3.9 last year when he was seeing stacked boxes and had the entire defense scheming to stop him...I don't see him doing any worse here
  13. Over Todd Gurley? Yea, he's an improvement. Is Gurley even on an NFL roster right now? lol. Davis will be a big surprise to a lot of people this year. But yea, we'll see...
  14. but...mike vrabel is a defensive coach so who else would have been the mastermind behind the titans offense? Plus...improvement on the OL, major improvement at RB (not even close). When have the Falcons ever gotten garbage time stats? Most of our losses last year were in games we had the lead and we lost by less than one possession so literally none of the stats would qualify as garbage time.
  15. He's mad we didn't draft Justin Fields...all the people acting this way are the same. They're mad Matt Ryan is still the qb and we didn't draft Justin Fields. They spent an entire year convincing themselves that Matt Ryan was terrible and they were intellectually superior for being the ones to realize it. Then the people that actually get paid to make decisions didn't see it their way and now they are butthurt.
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