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  1. I'm beginning to suspect you don't know what one is either.
  2. Like the Patriots?
  3. That's about 7 weeks away so it will be plenty scouted by then
  4. Terrible call. Not a penalty
  5. I love your false sense of superiority. Keep it going.
  6. Giants literally won it the year before the ravens
  7. Seattle? Broncos? Patriots last year? Giants? ...even Green Bay a bit
  8. It wasn't just the losing seasons. It was his inability to do anything in the playoffs as well. And that last season was just weird. It felt like Smith had checked out.
  9. If we can just get out of there healthy it's a win in my book
  10. I mean..he is the qb of the defense and everybody knows it. Not the most talented but he is by far the most prepared dude on the field at all times. Great communicator as well. To me Rico is the brains, Neal is the enforcer, and Debo is....Debo. I think having a hard worker runs off on the team for sure. Saban credits Julio for changing the culture at Alabama because he was a star and he worked his butt off and never complained. Saban said it rubbed off and that culture has been there ever since.
  11. It's not that serious bro...calm down
  12. Was honestly just being a smartass. Not that big a deal man...
  13. Where are the folks complaining about wasting too many resources on oline
  14. Seattle had the #1 rushing offense last year
  15. For those of us that can't watch YouTube at work..what does it say?
  16. So am I, but that doesn't mean I want the Falcons drafting all bama players if it doesn't make sense. For example, I didn't want Jonah Williams. I don't think he'll be that good as a pro.
  17. Lol...but your not?
  18. Maybe, maybe not.. guess We'll never know
  19. I agree. Its pretty common knowledge that Shanahan and his father both did this. They preferred lighter linemen that can get outside and to the second level, also known as the outside zone. Stressing the defense and Opening up play action and vice versa. We all know they weren't pushing anybody backwards on short yardage but they did what Shanahan wanted. The problem is that once Shanahan left that same oline looked pretty bad with a different play caller.
  20. That's not what is being said. They were scheme specific. We had an oc that knew how to play to their strengths and masks their weaknesses. We saw the results with Shanahan and afterwards.
  21. Poole was undrafted so how would that work?
  23. I don't know..that's just what has been reported. Could be wrong though. It would make sense that with us moving a pick in front of them though.
  24. That was due to scheme though, honestly. That's where Shanahan shined. He was all about stressing the defenses reads and forcing them to pay attention to the outside zone. Then he'd use that to hit the play action and misdirection plays. What I liked about Shanahan was that once we got inside the other teams 30 he was trying to score so we didn't have to deal with the tightness of the redzone as much. That being said, Matt still got hit alot and we weren't very good at running on 3rd and short.