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  1. Doubt we'll be seeing that many sacks against the panthers...why? because that's not the game plan. We do the same thing against the panthers as we did the seahawks and packers. Make the qb throw from the pocket. If he leaves the pocket, hit him. If a qb isn't comfortable in the pocket, then make him stay there. Beasley was basically a spy against all 3 of those teams, as well as deion jones and sometimes campbell
  2. I don't disagree. If he starts high pointing the ball and starts playing with physicality he'll be a beast. He'll still be good even if he doesn't. But opposing teams might get a few extra int's from time to time.
  3. Could care less about anything having to do with the Patriots or Tom Brady last year. That being said...I did enjoy some of your comments on brain chemistry.
  4. As someone who went to Alabama and is an Alabama fan. I actually agree with much of this. We lost to Ohio State a few years back in the playoffs on what should have been a game winning touchdown but OJ Howard let a smaller db beat him out for a game sealing int in the endzone. Howard has no concept of high pointing the ball. He constantly tries to run under the ball and literally low points the ball, which is great for yards after the catch. But he allows smaller defenders to jump the ball while he's running past them to low point it. Eventually we stopped throwing him contested balls because they kept getting intercepted.
  5. Coleman can do things Freeman cant do and Freeman can do things Coleman can't do. Coleman can do things most normal running backs cant do. I've never seen a running back as comfortable moving out wide to the receiver position as Coleman. That creates so many mismatch opportunities. That's how we beat the Broncos, they didn't have an answer for it.
  6. Freeman is special, but in this scheme I think you can bring someone else in and get 80% of Freemans production, where as Coleman's is irreplaceable.
  7. the 2011 offense was actually the opposite of complex. In 2011 yall ran a gimmick triple option type offense, a high school type offense, which worked because of Cam's athletic gifts. Then after enough tape on it, defenses caught up and it didn't work so well.
  8. They were good...but not complex. Basically were running a high school offense
  9. The real question is cam capable of running a more complex offense.
  10. Carolinas offense is a simple offense that's easy to learn and easy to run. It's almost a high school offense built around cams athletic gifts. Those kind of offenses dont get receivers wide open. The hole premise is to put pressure on the defense to defend the running back and cam hopefully forcing extra defenders up in the box and then countering that with deep throws. Falcons on the other hand have one of the most complex offenses with lots of moving parts and situational reads. Once mastered though, it starts to look effortless..but it's not.
  11. As an Alabama fan...i will say, I think Howard is a talent and a physical specimen. However, his biggest problem is attacking the ball. He will let defenders beat him out on balls that he had position on.
  12. You do know Julio was hurt and being used as a decoy right? He missed 2 games before that. He still had a reception and a couple pass interference calls but if you watch the tape you'll see he was only running slants and go routes because he couldn't cut with his hurt toe.
  13. He only lined up against Julio 5 times I believe...with one completion and 2 pass interference calls
  14. Dwight Freeney had 8 sacks a a rushing linebacker for the cardinals before last season. As a D-end he got 3 sacks for us.
  15. Picking Ryan was all TD and Smith. Blank stays out of the draft.