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  1. I like what you do bro. You put a lot of work in and it shows. My only problem was that you spoke in absolutes. Just let the numbers speak for themselves.
  2. I thought you wanted randy gregory?
  3. What will the new OC try to fix first? OL, QB, WR? Plus they probably need to replace j stew..maybe even Greg Olsen as well. Not to mention all the grandpas they have on defense
  4. If you're being serious. One reason could be that it's better to take a sack over an incompletion especially late in the game. A sack keeps the clock incompletion doesn't. Gives the other team less time.
  5. Receivers running into each other
  6. Plus the offense turned the ball over three times in the first half.
  7. Seahawks were missing Sherman and Chancellor..i believe Wagner got hurt as well. Avril was out. And Bennett was banged up as well....soooo don't see any correlation Oh and KJ Wright didn't play either.
  8. Resign as many people as possible..go into the draft with as few holes as possible..draft the best player available at a position of need.
  9. I think we looked a lot better with hardy over gabriel
  10. I'd rather draft a reciever
  11. Michael Bennett seems to think he might be available
  12. The thing is...around the country other fans think we got screwed. The people with unbiased opinion saw the refs fix the game. And again..the unbiased fans thought most of the calls were legit in the first game. Many who felt the need to come on our message board and say so. Even a guy who claimed to have reffing experience. Although that's not verified. But actually came on here and broke down all the penalties and why they were legit.