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  1. Dont care what he does as long as we win
  2. I'd rather have a good qb over a great cheerleader
  3. He doesn't utilize pacing in the red zone. He needs to start his routes slower and use more hesitation moves. It's the only thing lacking in his game. He's a super hero besides that. As far as Ridley, hes just a natural in the red zone. He scored on broken plays like that all the time at alabama.
  4. Ugh oh...we got a message board gangster over here yall. Pretty sure Ridley had the most yac on the team last week so...
  5. Go read the threads after the KC game. That was at the end of the season.
  6. Beasley was inches away from a couple of strip sacks. Plus when we play Carolina, green bay, and Seattle we use him as a spy a good bit. It seems to work.
  7. Looked great on run plays. Average on pass plays
  8. We just getting started. Just wait till our offense really gets going.
  9. All year? The season started a week ago...come on man
  10. Beasley gets 5 sacks and 3 tds
  11. Quinn is already top 3 head coach in Falcons history so....
  12. The head ref that gives commentary said 100% catch so...
  13. Hes done this over and over. Comes in as a back up, plays like an all star. Gets named the starter, gets a big contract. Then proceeds to suck.
  14. Fitz has done this so many times. Never trust him. He comes in as a backup and plays like an mvp. As soon as hes named the starter he starts throwing picks all over the place. Completely mental.