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  1. every year is the strongest qb drafts ever. thats media hype. lawrence is the only one that would have been a top 10 pick last year with burrow and tua
  2. so why not try to build the team up before throwing a young qb in there that will get his confidence destroyed and ruin his career?
  3. Maybe next year if they knock this offseason out of the park.
  4. No team would agree to that because they are trading up for a specific player. So the trade could already be agreed on but it's only finalized if the player they want is still on the board.
  5. the benefit of having a young qb is that they are cheap and you can build a team around them before having to pay them. Drafting one to sit behind Ryan for the next 3 years defeats that whole purpose.
  6. best one ive seen. If we can get dylan moses that late its a good draft
  7. He could. Just speaking that historically qb's get drafted higher because of the value of the position. Usually their are better players available and we see that play out every year.
  8. QB's are almost never the BPA. QB is just considered the most valuable position so they usually get drafted first. BPA means we're probably going Oline or wide reciever at 4. or maybe a trade back
  9. Yall seem to think that qbs will just be successful because of their talent. Mahomes wouldn't be who he is without Reid. Brees wouldn't have been who he is without Payton.
  10. Neither Mahomes or Watson would have been successful with the Bears
  11. the odds that any of these qbs have HOF careers is small. History just isn't in their favor. I can think of maybe 4 qbs in the last 20 years that are HOF locks. Brees, Brady, Peyton, and Rodgers...thats about it. I'd say odds are that only one if any of the qbs in this class end up having a good career.
  12. ....i mean, if we pick him i hope he is but we don't really know that. Saying that somebody who hasn't played a down in the NFL has HOF potential is a bit much.
  13. yea but 7 step drops mixed with zero misdirection and zero presnap motion is a recipe for disaster. If you aren't using presnap motion then the chances of your qb being able to make quick decisive decisions goes way down.
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