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  1. We'll see...he got most of his yards on screens or deep balls. Once defenses start looking out for him his production went way down.
  2. She claimed he was the only person in the car if i remember correctly
  3. Haven't seen anyone blame the FO. Just seen people defending Julio. Or people that think the FO should do whatever it takes to keep Julio on the field because we need him.
  4. They're probably thinking that if they work hard, dont get in trouble, and excel on the field, maybe they'll get paid too.
  5. The way he's going about doing it? There is no right or wrong in capitalism. It either works or it doesn't. You either get caught or you don't. You either win or lose. Maybe you should read "The Art of the Deal"
  6. Fan perspective does. I mean, we just elected a man as president for being "cut throat" in the business world. Hes known for not fulfilling contracts. But when an "athlete" shows some business sense he should just "shut up and play football " Alot of people already resent them for making as much as they do. The only way to view themselves as superior is to think of them as "just an athlete who should shut up and play ball". They don't like these guys having political opinions or being "cut throat" in the business world. They are the entertainment, here to entertain us.
  7. He's worth as much as he can get the FO to pay him. Nothing more, nothing less. Thats how business works.
  8. I wont care either is business.
  9. According to the cba they can miss mini camp, the entire offseason...they can sit out till week 10 of the regular season and still get credited for that season. Of course they will be monetarily penalized. If Julio can get himself more money, then shouldn't he do it? Isn't that the American way? If the team can get him to play for less money, shouldn't they do it? They did it to Brooks Reed. Business is business. Dont be mad at an 'athlete' for having business sense.
  10. Just because me and you don't care doesn't mean others don't.
  11. This has been my experience. However, I think if we would have replaced vick with another black qb it wouldn't be as bad. Could be wrong though. But i do think it revolves around vick. He was important to alot of people.
  12. We were winning before. I think it got a little harder to hate him after he put up one of the best seasons in nfl history.
  13. Its gotten better the past 2 years
  14. I don't think anybody wants vick back. But people certainly try to devalue ryan. There is also a small group of people, very small i hope, that wants to trade ryan every time an athletic qb enters the draft.
  15. goes both ways