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  1. its not the game plan...its the scheme. Dirk Koetter's scheme is to have no game plan lol. He literally just wants everybody to "win their matchups". "If we just execute and win our matchups we'll be ok." He's not scheming anybody open. He's not setting anything up with the run. The run game is nothing more than trying to maintain the appearance of being balanced. No imagination at all. "Just go out there and beat the guy across from you" like they aren't NFL players to.
  2. the dude had a hurt knee and missed the first 4 or 5 games, not to mention no offseason. Then right when he finally started getting healthy he got corona. He literally just started practicing for the first time since college like a week ago.
  3. Any team with good players will be able to move the ball down the field regardless of play design and play calling. The place where it matters most is in the red zone, and thats where we struggle. Shanahan also knew that it can be easier to score before the redzone so once we got to the 35-25 yd line he'd start taking shots.
  4. Shanahan is on his 5th string running back with a pieced together o-line. They still have a good run game. Why? Because of the scheme and play calling.
  5. scheme is everything. thats why shanny always has a top running game, even with his 5th string running back playing. I'd love to steal his run game coordinator mike mcdaniels
  6. mike mcdaniel is interesting. i wouldn't mind having him as OC and get that run game going.
  7. id hire mike lafleur if he'd bring mike mcdaniels with him to be the coordinator
  8. id like a head coach that specializes in the pass game. then bring in mike mcdaniels as the run game coordinator/offensive coordinator
  9. i understand that seeing the tampa connection is scary but i see this more as a shannahan connection. He's coaching under lafleur now so he falls from the shanahan tree
  10. he was only in with LSU for one year. He was with the saints before that.
  11. Nagy has been a pretty good coach so far. With McDaniels I think its more of a personality issue to be honest. But yes, this is exactly what I'm saying. You take the risk and either it works or it doesn't. But I think we should take that gamble. If we don't take the start gambling on young talented coaches then we will never end up with the next great coach.
  12. I just keep seeing it happen man. Teams making young guys head coaches and everybody makes fun of them for it until it works. Look at Green Bay, Look at LA, Arizona. I mean even we caught crap for bringing Shanahan in as an OC. We should have brought him in as the head coach. I just think in todays NFL if you are waiting for potential offensive coaches to show you proof of how good they can be, they're probably already a head coach because someone else will take a shot on them before they're "ready". That leaves us with the Mike Mccarthy's and the Dirk Koetters. I like Bieniemy
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