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  1. Foles looks like garbage. He'll go back to being a back up...again
  2. Who cares about offense anyways..let's get this defense cooking
  3. So we're trusting that d led broke a story that nobody else knows about?
  4. Matt Ryan will be here at least 8 more on it
  5. Except those players were still starting for Smith all the way till the end. Baker was never benched, he was injured and then retired because of those injuries. Duke-benched, Richards-benched, Schraeder-benched...Reed is 100x the player Beirmann was
  6. Minus the s
  7. No..that's clearly out of context. Reread what I said, It was in reference to Smith drafting special teams players after the second round. Which is what I said. And yes some players got chances from circumstance, like injuries (ex. Worrilow). But once you established yourself with Smith you were safe. (Biermann, Baker, Hawley)
  8. I just named a bunch of first and second rounders that are kind of guaranteed playing time due to draft status. Alot of the players you named never had significant playing time so I don't know what that's about. Then you named several of the players I was talking about that kept getting playing time when they shouldn't have.
  9. I thought we were talking about players that actually played though. Being that Quinn supposedly rode Smith's roster to the superbowl.
  10. Yea...worrilow started 1 game in 2016. Played special teams mostly. I'll give you that one. Good job.
  11. Dimarco and Schraeder...then Bryant and Bosher on special teams. That's it. Rico was cut by Smith and Freeman was 3rd string. Alford was still the only Smitty player on defense during the superbowl run. Quinn replaced almost the entire starting roster on both sides of the ball and people wonder why we don't have depth. We had no developmental talent because mike smith preferred to target special teams players after the second round. Mike Smith preferred veterans and team captains who hustled hard. Practically no younger players ever got a chance to beat out older players. Quinn prefers fast and physical players that he can develop. I think Quinn's way will work better.
  12. This is a straight lie. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Jake Matthews on offense. Alford was the only on defense cause trufant was hurt. Only one player from Smitty played on the defensive side of the ball in the superbowl.
  13. What? If anything that's the one thing you should trust from Alabama. Dl and lb. Safety sometimes and cb never.
  14. Jacobs from bama please
  15. You can live in your fantasy all you want. We are considered the top spot amongst coaches looking for a job.