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  1. Hageman was playing well under Quinn but got himself kicked off the team. I think we've seen Beasleys ceiling. His just isn't a football player. Talk can't stay healthy...the obvious truth is you gotta keep investing in the dline the way Seattle and Baltimore do.
  2. I think Quinn has always known that. Our defense and oline was just so bad when he got here he couldn't afford to only invest in the dline. He was probably hoping he could work some magic since he does specialize on the dline.
  3. The one thing Quinn has shown is that when we get into the playoffs we can make some noise. The problem has been consistently making the playoffs. His teams tend to play better in the later part of the season though. Which is a good thing if you make the playoffs.
  4. If Fields would have stayed at uga I'd be more interested but he really hurt his development by going to osu.
  5. Trufant couldn't stay on the field. And the defense has played better 3 out of the last 4 years without him on the field. Same with sanu and the offense. We looked better once he left the team. Never have been impressed with Hooper. He was a product of volume. Any starting tight end is going to put up numbers with Matt Ryan playing qb.
  6. We don't need these guys to turn into the hype of first rounders. Yea, maybe they world beaters but as depth pieces they are solid. And they are hungry to prove themselves.
  7. We upgraded 5 of those starters and trufant has been hurt anyways so...
  8. Wasn't it mentioned in the actual game by the announcers?
  9. Some of these guys sound like they don't know anything about football.
  10. I didn't like kinlaw so I'll take terell/davidson all day. Davidson is gonna be better than kinlaw and Terrell will be better than any of those guys.
  11. I think they were better six months ago than they were a year ago
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