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  1. yea, i just always wished Julio would add that element to his game like that video I posted of Moss. Stacking the defender early. Julio is a master at getting on top of the defender and forcing the defender to flip his hips before breaking his route off though.
  2. This is the closest I could find at about the 7 minute mark. All though its more of a jab step it still somewhat stacks the defender a little bit.
  3. I love Julio...he's a bama boy. One of the greatest to ever do it. I've been saying this for years though. He's probably the greatest ever at breaking db's off at the top of his routes though. What he does to db's when he breaks his routes off is just nasty. It just doesn't seem to translate as well to the redzone where the field is condensed.
  4. look at all the hesitation moves. go to the .40 second mark I'm honest to god going through every Julio career touchdown right now and i haven't come across him doing this yet.
  5. Watch Ridley in the redzone. He'll come off the line a bit slow at times then give a hesitation move and then burst to where he's supposed to be. You watch Pitts highlights, he does the same thing a lot. So did Tony.
  6. Same reason he gets tripped up on the 1 yd line all the time. When he catches the ball he runs full speed right at the defender. Just slow down a bit, put a hesitation move on them or hold them off with your long arms, and walk into the endzone. Julio? Nope...running full speed and gonna trip over the defender after running him over.
  7. Funny thing is, this is why Julio wasn't good in the redzone. Julio still goes full speed in the redzone when he needs to slow play things and set things up. edit: what I'm referring to is stacking the defender, coming off the line and giving a hesitation move...examples on the second page.
  8. Quinn's teams did play better later in the season and through the playoffs. The problem is you have to make it to the playoffs. So bad early in the season. Smith was the opposite. Great in the regular season but folded in the playoffs. His style doesn't hold up in that pressure environment.
  9. I'll be happy if we just get away from having multiple receivers running to the same spot.
  10. When I watch Julio in the redzone the #1 thing i've noticed is that he starts too fast. You watch Ridley and other receivers who are good in the redzone, they start their routes kind of slow then hit a quick burst to get open or give a quick hesitation move. Julio just runs right into the coverage and there's nowhere to go. Julio is the best in the league, maybe ever, at breaking off his routes in the open field where defenders have to respect his long speed. That doesn't work in the redzone because defenders are playing underneath. I remember watching Randy Moss who would just kind of jo
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