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  1. No he wasn't...neither was debo. But Quinn stuck them in anyways and they learned on the job. And both of them are where they are because of that.
  2. Hopefully the same thing he saw in Campbell. The skill is there. He's just got to start trusting his instincts. Which will take experience.
  3. I feel the opposite. The backups are the ones to watch. They are the ones actually trying.
  4. Lol dont expect to see anything in a freaking preseason game.
  5. I agree. And if you said Shanahan was great in 2016 because of Ryan. I'd also agree.
  6. Cherry picking playoff games now. Cause you might want to check out his last 7 playoff games. His playoff stats are better than anyones over that stretch.
  7. Matt's not known for that either.
  8. Here's the thing. Shanahan is definitely the best coordinator Matt's ever had. I think everyone agrees on that. Mularkey has been garbage without Ryan. Koetter has been mediocre at best without Ryan. And Shanahan had his best year with Ryan. Now look at the other top qbs. Brees has been in the same system since Sean Payton. Brady has been in the same system his entire career. Rodgers...same system whole career. Eli has changed systems multiple times. Roethlisberger has changed systems once. Both were followed by a bad year.
  9. Why do you think Shanahan decided to come to Atlanta? Matt Ryan What was one of the main reasons Quinn chose Atlanta over other teams? Matt Ryan
  10. Two of those were drops though. One being the Hooper butt interception
  11. I think if he cared that much he would have kept the starters in another series
  12. Who cares?!
  13. Hahahahahahahah.......bahahaha Wow dude lolz
  14. TV revenue...that's the majority of the money