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  1. Ma'am, Im not sure how much he will ask for, but if its anything reasonable we will sign him. TD
  2. Please remove my name from your signature. I respect your game and talents but i do not want you to come back to the falcons.
  3. How can you say Moss? he was a nobody in Oakland and just recently became special again. M. Harrison always give consistant numbers even when his team was in shambles.
  4. Suprisingly noone is really taking the opportunity. Thats good IMO.
  5. I hate posting about this guy but i think its important to stay up on him because of our situation with his contract, and our attempts to get some value for his rights. Again, as much as I dislike the guy, you have to give him some credit for trying to resolve his life. He served time for a crime that many commit and recieve no punishment, and now seems to be trying to make ammends. Heres hoping he gets another shot with another orgainzation and we can get him off our roster ASAP. Vick to work for Habitat for Humanity Sorry if already posted. TD
  6. I already answered this question in a previous post. Free Agents Visiting in the next few weeks. TD
  7. True. Also, How can the mods ban someone for naming themselves BVG but not "Jesus" Thats funny.
  8. Stop acting like your Rod Coleman MODS BAN THIS GUY HE IS POSING AS ROD COLEMAN.. Sounds ******** doesnt it?
  9. Oh, i was getting worried. Glad to see your not mental afterall. TD
  10. Actually, i was looking back at the posts last night after i logged off and apparently the guy that had All 3 BVG, Coach mike smith, and Artie Blank Accounts had a 3 way convo with himself in one thread for hours... and thats what got him banned. Sad. and kind of disturbing why he would go through all that trouble and for what? TD
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