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  1. Apparently it is not a good idea to go boating in inclement weather.
  2. For his deaf father. I saw it on Fox NFL Sunday!
  3. My sources say Mike Peterson rhymes with Ike Peterson.
  4. I can assure you that would never happen at the NFL Network.
  5. I just got 6 text messages from various league sources, albeit not the most reliable, telling me that there is infact "no such thing as God."
  6. My sources tell me they landed on an island, but the island has been moved by Benjamin Linus.
  7. Stuart Scott is a *********. You don't even need qualifications to get hired at ESPN. You guys took on Emmitt Smith without even giving him an interview. Even for civil service jobs they have to show they can read/write/speak English.
  8. Nobody watches ESPN anymore Clayton. Why do you think I got on NFL Network, because it's more exclusive similar to my scoops. Scott Pioli is a fraud. The man has done nothing but take Thomas Dimitroff's credit. He is the George Bush to Dimitroff's Karl Rove. I do not trust him John, and I don't trust you. Do you know where ANgelo Crowell is going to sign??? I do but I won't tell since you're being immature.
  9. My Blackberry is ringing off the hook telling me that some dumbazz is misspelling "two."
  10. Hold on, I have to plug in my laptop. O.K I'm back. John Clayton, you time has come and gone. You are the Brett Favre of the media but 1000x tougher on the eyes. Society is ready for change, and that change is a suave moussed up guido named Adam Schefter. PS: I have pictures of you and Emmitt Smith eating Salisbury Steak. Well that's what you call it at ESPN.
  11. Just stick with me for the real info and you'll be alright kid.
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