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  1. Round 5 - pick 138 overall Cornerback William Middleton Furman University 5'10" 185 Combine #'s: 40 yd - 4.42, 20 yd - 2.56, 10 yd - 1.48 20 yd shuttle - 4.37, 3-cone - 7.33 Vert Jump - 36 1/2", Broad Jump - 10'9" Bench - 21 reps Stats 2005 - 14 Games, 8 Tackles (6 solo), 1 FF 2006 - 12 Games, 38 Tackles (26 solo), 4.0 TFL, 4 PD's 2007 - 11 Games, 53 Tackles (28 solo), 3.5 TFL, 6 PD's, 3 INT's 2008 - 12 Games, 96 Tackles (40 solo), 8.5 TFL, 9 PD's, 4 INT's A bit hard to follow, but he definitely looks good. I noticed him when the Citadel played them this year, but didn't know if he would ge
  2. Round 1 - pick 24 overall Nose Tackle Peria Jerry University of Mississippi 6'2" 299 Combine #'s: Arm Length - 32 1/2" 40 yd - 4.98, 20 yd - 2.86, 10 yd - 1.68 20 yd shuttle - 4.64, 3-cone - 7.30 Vert Jump - 31", Broad Jump - 9'6" Bench - 28 reps Stats 2005 - 6 Games, 3 Tackles 2006 - 8 Games, 22 Tackles (13 solo), 1.0 TFL, 1.0 Sacks 2007 - 12 Games, 58 Tackles (40 solo), 14.0 TFL, 3.5 Sacks, 1 PD, 1 INT, 1 FR 2008 - 12 Games, 49 Tackles (25 solo), 18.0 TFL, 7.0 Sacks, 1 PD, 2 FF, 1 FR Peria Jerry Highlight Video One thing to notice is that he is in the 1 technique spot for most of the time a
  3. I don't see Harris over Fudge. I also think Irons would get the nod over Hutchins.
  4. I went to HS with Aaron (he's 2 years older though), he's a really smart dude, and a really hard worker. One thing I will say is that he reminds me of a carbon copy of Finneran back in 2002, but with a lot better speed. His hands need work, his route running is average, but he can make a clutch catch, and he can make the big play. I think he can be a great fit for us, and IMO, if we had another 7th, we would have spent it on him. And trust me, Aaron can play ST, he was a gunner for Clemson his RS freshman year on the KO team and has returned punts and kicks. I think he will get the roster spot
  5. Authentic: Jerious Norwood - #32 Red Jesse Tuggle - #58 Black Old School Premier EQT: Warrick Dunn - #28 White Out jersey Replica: Keith Brooking - #56 Red Deion Sanders - #21 Black Old School jerseys I want to get: Matt Ryan - #2 Red - Premier EQT John Abraham - #55 Black - Premier EQT
  6. how did Ryan struggle on the long ball? I remember multiple great throws he made deep for completions. And Baker's arms weren't as short as you think they are. 32 inch arms. but it doesn't matter, as our OL coach says: http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/f...baker_0603.html
  7. link? and also, Houston isn't going anywhere, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville were heavily interested in him well before the 2007 draft and even leading up to it. He is a very good fit for the cover 2 that Smitty likes to run in particular because the outside corners run more man than zone.
  8. I think Finneran is the odd man out in the group. his speed has left him, and with that, so has his ability to separate like he used to. I expect Weems to win the #5 spot and Kelly to win the #4 spot.
  9. don't be surprised if Aaron makes the team as the #4 WR and we cut Finneran.
  10. the Brady rule is about when a player gets knocked down, not being allowed to go after the QB. that's BS and should be corrected.
  11. nope, the Boldin and Ward rules were to stop helmet to helmet and shoulder to helmet on defenseless players (Smith's hit on Boldin/Ward's hit on rivers). The idea being that they could have gone for the chest and been an equally fair and hard hit.
  12. Also covered in the rule changes are the Hines Ward and Anquin BoIdin rules. think any hit to someone's head should be avoided. a hit looks just as big when you hit them in the chest. plus, you aren't taught to hit someone in the head. you are taught to drive through their chest and wrap up. If I was a coach and I saw that I would talk to the player about how it was bad form and sportsmanship to hit him that high. I've seen huge hits to people's chest that cause the same woooo hit feel. I like the Boldin and Ward rules, but hate the ST and Brady rules.
  13. that's awesome. he'll live longer, and hopefully coach us longer.
  14. maybe it's me, but Houston looked fine last year and in 2007. I think anderson was a weakness last year in the pass rush, but was still strong in the run game.
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