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  1. I like Pete Prisco, too. Incidentally, I also picked Atlanta vs Indy in the Superbowl this year. I'm a bit worried with Atlanta in that top spot. Has anyone noticed that when a team has moved into the #1 spot or has the best record in the NFL...that they suddenly lose or get upset? The New England/Cleveland game is a perfect example.
  2. dude...! Saw you online...u gotta check out "The Huddle". It's a sports bar in Midvale, UT. There's a few of us Falcon's fans there for every game. Check it out. It's got flat screen TVs all around the bar. It's one helluva setup! :)

    1. Razrtalons


      Hey yo look me up I'm in springville

  3. yo DwillCP3...this is L.T....your fellow Falcons fan in Utah! I spent my day with my buddies watching this week's NFL games. Saw Vikings/Bears, Broncs/Chiefs, then Pats/Steelers. Dude, you should check out The Huddle. It's a sports bar in Midvale, UT. There's a few of us Falcons fans there!
  4. Heh...I picked the Giants to get upset by the Cowgirls...and I was right! Only 1 loss each for my predictions the past 3 weeks (twice I got the Jets game wrong...dammit!).
  5. The Giants are overrated. I've been saying it for weeks now. See the game against Dallas to see what I mean. The team that scares me, as a Falcons fan, are the Eagles. Are you kidding me? We know what kind of a QB Vick is. They have the best chance of beating us in the playoffs. The Packers and Saints sorta scare me, too, but not as much. If I had to pick teams in the AFC it would be Baltimore, Indy, and New England. The Ravens almost stole that last game from us. And any team with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as QB has a chance.
  6. I've been saying this for awhile now...the Giants are vastly overrated. Hopefully, the Dallas game proves it. We are the #1 team in the NFC. It doesn't matter if we there were games that we "should've, could've" lost. Right now, New England is the best team in the AFC...and the Colts are still a factor, too, IMHO. We should be ranked either #1 or #2 in the power rankings. The Jets? Pfftt...they're slightly overrated, too.
  7. I think the Falcons will at least get to the NFC Championship game this year. That win over the Ravens was HUGE!! I picked Atlanta to finish either 11-5 or 12-4 this year and I'm sticking with that. Here's my thinking: --Win against New Orleans and we finish 12-4/13-3 and win the NFC South. --Lose to the Saints and we'll probably finish 11-5 and win the wildcard. Someone earlier insinuated that the winner of the divison will be the lone NFC South representative. I wholeheartedly disagree. There will be TWO teams from our division who will make the playoffs. Someone posted this: (Here's how I see it!) (Should Win Games - Rams, Seahawks and Panthers (twice). Matchup Games - Packers, Saints and Bucs. ) (IF we win the 'Should Win' games and only win one of the Matchups, we're looking at a 12-4 season and most likely, at least a wildcard berth (if the Saints happen to win the division). Two of the 'Matchups' are at home and we should find a way to win one of those games. If we do win the Should Win games and TWO of the Matchup games, we end up with a 13-3 record and most likely the NFC South Champioship (and quite possibly home dome advantage throughout the playoffs). ) --I think there's a chance we could lose one of the "Should Win" games. It always seems to happen to every team at least once a year. So we better be on top of our game! To continue this other person's quote: (IF we should lose to the Packers, then the games at Tampa and the home game vs the Saints become 'Must Win' games to have a chance at winning the division. I truly feel that the Falcons will have to win the NFC South before even being considered a team to represent the NFC Conference, because in doing so, it will most likely win the home field advantage in the playoffs. ) --I don't think losing to the Pack will affect our chances of winning the division (we can afford to lose a game right now and still be in the division race). However, losing to the Pack just MIGHT cost us our chance to get the #1 seed in the NFC. The way I see it, the only teams that stand in our way in the NFC are Green Bay, New Orleans, and Philly. The Pack lack a running game but we're stellar against the run and they will attempt to air it out against us irregardless. New Orleans will be a tough out NO MATTER WHAT. And we saw what Philly did to us early this year. The person who scares me the most is ...ahem... Vick. As for the Giants? To be honest, they don't scare me. In fact, I think they're quite a bit overrated. I think it's funny how people have jumped on their bandwagon. Remember the first few weeks of the season? The Giants were called HORRIBLE. Their D is playing great now, sure, but I have a feeling they'll go into a slump. Philly should win that division. My predictions for the Superbowl? Falcons vs Ravens. Rematch of Ryan vs Flacco.
  8. I think it might be... ...I haven't had a good vibe about the Falcons being Superbowl-bound since they went to the Superbowl in 1998-99. To me, Baltimore is still one of the best 2 teams in the AFC. Ok...I'll shaddup before I jinx my birds....lol
  9. Ok...I know, I know...teams will play on Sunday and there will likely be 2-3 OTHER teams with the same record as us. But STILL...lol what a game! Ahem...before the season started, I predicted the Falcons would be 7-2 at this juncture...and I was right (had it wrong, though...I had ATL losing to Baltimore, not Pitt). Heh heh...can't wait to see how the season finishes out. I think they'll finish 12-4.
  10. 7-2 means one thing: We have the BEST RECORD in the NFL. Woohoo!!
  11. I have the Falcons going 11-5, possibly 12-4 (I'll stick to my original 11-5 prediction, tho). I have a feeling we'll get our revenge on Philly and win against them this year. I'm also feeling better about our game against Green Bay. The Packers seemed rather...unsteady in their Monday night loss to the Chicago Bears. They don't seem to be that great team that the prognosticators were thinking they'd be. We should beat them. I think we don't match up well with Baltimore--I think we'll lose that game. If I had to pick other games we'd lose it would be to Seattle and once to either Tampa or Carolina (it's unrealistic to think we'll go 6-0 in our division). That Week 16 game at home against New Orleans will be crucial--methinks it will decide whether our final record is 11-5 or 12-4 and ALSO if we win the division over the Saints vs us making the playoffs as a wildcard team.
  12. I think if the Falcons do get to the Superbowl this year, it will be against either Baltimore or Indy...
  13. Those predictions are very similar to mine: I have Atlanta finishing 11-5, too. However, I see the Falcons beating Philadelphia but losing to Carolina at Carolina. I also have the Falcons losing to Seattle, but I've been reconsidering that game and might give Atlanta the W. However, that game against the 9ers worries me.
  14. ****. AtlantaFalconsPokerPro took my score, lol. Ok, if I can't pick 24-13 I'll go with 24-10. Falcons go 1-0.
  15. I say we should be favored by at least 9 points, since Pitt doesn't have Roethl**b**ger. Personally, I think we'll win by a 23-10 score.
  16. I like this prediction of a Falcons/Colts Superbowl. I would love to see a Manning vs Ryan showdown. Can you imagine? I DO, however, question the rest of PFW's predictions (heh): they have the Vikings finishing THIRD? No way. And they have the Giants finishing FIRST? **** no. Nor do I think the Patriots will finish 3rd in the AFC East, either. I certainly hope the Falcons win their division--although, if they made it to the Superbowl it might just be through the wildcard route. Er...just like someone else said, my Madden NFL season ALSO ended with a Falcons/Colts Superbowl. A sign of things to come? lol
  17. I'm not gonna freak out. It's preseason game #2, so why worry? Although I gotta admit, such a game doesn't make me wanna embrace the whole "let's expand the season to 18 games and only have 2 preseason games" mumbo jumble. I thought Atlanta might lose to New England. No big deal, though. If anything, it adds to my belief that the Patriots will make a comeback this year and win their division yet again. There's so much talk about the Jets this year (rolls eyes) and yet I see them as SO O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. I still think the Falcons will finish the preseason 3-1.
  18. I think this year we can finish anywhere between 4-4 and 6-2 on the road. I have a feeling we'll lose to New Orleans on the road. I also think we'll lose one of those 2 late season road games against either Carolina (Wk 14) or Seattle (Wk 15). We should be able to clobber Pittsburgh (minus Big Ben), St. Louis, Tampa Bay. And I think that since Philly no longer has McNabb we'll beat them. The Cleveland game really interests me. It appears a no-brainer that we'll beat them, but I think they'll be tougher this year than people think. For now, I think we can beat them...but ya never know in the NFL.
  19. Hey Savant, If people are picking the Falcons to lose to only the good teams, then they are wrong. Typically, a good team like Atlanta will win 50% of its games against the teams with a .500 record or better. I even considered that when I made my predictions: --I'm picking Atlanta to split with New Orleans. --I think the Falcons will defeat these teams that (should) have winning records (Cincy, Philly, San Fran, and possibly Green Bay) The only teams I think Atlanta will have problems with is New Orleans (on the road) and Baltimore. On the flip side, sometimes good teams will lose to a team and have a "hiccup" against a team who they probably should beat. I think that team this year will be either Carolina (Wk 14) or Seattle (Wk 15). Both games are on the road.
  20. Wut up man? I finally read your mesg. **** yeah I'm ready for some football!!!!!

  21. Yo bro...are u ready for some Falcons football??!!!!?!?!?! Heh

  22. oh most definitely 100% agree. We'll either be a wildcard and win at least the wildcard game or win the division and win at least the divisional game.
  23. Hey Falcons in the Mountains! I'm in South Salt Lake. We should talk...
  24. hey what's up man...? I'm a Falcons fan here in Utah also. Go figure, lol. And I thought I was the only one in this state. :)

    1. Razrtalons


      There are a lot of us

  25. Well I've predicted the Falcons will finish either 11-5 or 12-4 and contend for a division title. Not many people are picking Pittsburgh to beat Atlanta--not sure why you think the majority of people are picking Pitt. I definitely think we'll lose to Baltimore, New Orleans once, and even Carolina once (they always play us tough). I am confident we'll defeat the Eagles. To me, the Packers game will be a nail-biter. It will be one of those games won by a 24-23 score. I've made predictions twice--one with ATL finishing 12-4 and the other with them at 11-5--and I picked GB to win in one prediction and Atlanta in the other. But--as someone already said--predictions are rather silly at this juncture... I'm a bit surprised with your post. Surely you don't expect the Falcons to win ALL their games, do you?
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