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  1. Well not if he hasn’t gotten the ok to do so....
  2. I’ll take a few overthrown passes from my proven d**n quarterback, over an OC that clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing ANYDAY .
  3. It's not the thread, it's the team. You've never experienced this season before. Enjoy the ride
  4. The bye week couldn't have come at a better time. We're gonna heal up and regroup. Its gonna be a HUGE win. Mark it down. We'll be fine . That is all
  5. I think alford will get under nelson's skin better. lets discuss
  6. The guy tried to throw shade with the whole "at least we know our guy will be healthy"
  7. Reading their posts didn't do nothing but get me fired up.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000780208/article/devonta-freeman-to-pats-defenders-pick-your-poison How are defenses supposed to account for Julio Jones' physical route-running when doubling him means opening up seams for Taylor Gabriel? How will New England get an outside pass rush on Ryan and have enough linebackers to match up with the Falcons' tight ends? Most importantly, how is any unit supposed to defend the complementary running back styles of Devonta Freemanand Tevin Coleman? Freeman has a short and sweet answer to the last query. "We can do whatever we want," Freeman told Pro Football Talk on Thursday. "Pick your poison. ... We've had the game plan. The game plan doesn't change." The duo's features -- one short and physical, one tall and speedy -- have kept defenses on their toes all year, a success that informs Freeman's pre-media day confidence. Their 171.0 scrimmage yards per game mark and 27 total TDs were tops among running back groups this season. Freeman and Coleman are also the third tandem in league history to tally 10-plus scores each on a Super Bowl-bound squad. Both Freeman and Coleman's pass-catching and route-running abilities have turned them into dual-threat weapons on a team already loaded with young talent on offense, but their most important qualities may be their unselfishness. Now I know that we have to speak to the media a lot coming up. It comes with the territory. But me personally, I'd rather our guys not say anything at all and just ball.
  9. Does anyone have a twitter? We need atlanta falcons page to get a hold of this. Spread the word !
  10. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/229946445-story For what it's worth ... it made the news
  11. Ok thanks for clearing that up. I apologize. I would never try to intentionally misinform you guys. Good look
  12. But it looks like he's going to stick around for the whole show. So he might dish off a few more quotable statements
  13. NFL Insiders Overview..... 1. Quinn's Intro music (New level, asap ferg) 2. Has a vision of how he wants his team to look like. Fast and physical. 3. Big on player bonding. Family atmosphere 4. Will play 65% nickle on Defense. Testing Beasley's versatility 5. Physicality of Neal's play jumped off tape 6. "Get comfortable being uncomfortable" is his motto for this year There you go folks
  14. Welp! Guess I'll use this moment to bash Collins some more. Horrible pick.
  15. Why is this topic still going strong? I'm too lazy to go through all these pages. Anyone feel like summing up what's been discussed?
  16. I'm calling it now. We're going to go from one of the worst, to top 10 in sacking the qb this season. Watch !! All those qb rushes is going to BLOSSOM!!!
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