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  1. Ok thanks for clearing that up. I apologize. I would never try to intentionally misinform you guys. Good look
  2. But it looks like he's going to stick around for the whole show. So he might dish off a few more quotable statements
  3. NFL Insiders Overview..... 1. Quinn's Intro music (New level, asap ferg) 2. Has a vision of how he wants his team to look like. Fast and physical. 3. Big on player bonding. Family atmosphere 4. Will play 65% nickle on Defense. Testing Beasley's versatility 5. Physicality of Neal's play jumped off tape 6. "Get comfortable being uncomfortable" is his motto for this year There you go folks
  4. Welp! Guess I'll use this moment to bash Collins some more. Horrible pick.
  5. Why is this topic still going strong? I'm too lazy to go through all these pages. Anyone feel like summing up what's been discussed?
  6. I'm calling it now. We're going to go from one of the worst, to top 10 in sacking the qb this season. Watch !! All those qb rushes is going to BLOSSOM!!!
  7. I don't think it's fair to be mad before our first game is even played . Lol like someone stated.... Less qb dumpoffs to rbs & te will equal more sacks . I'm hopeful
  8. The main question is .... Will you support Neal tho? Plain and simple
  9. Fast wide receiver turns returner for us. Second coming of Allen Rossum
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