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  1. Need to add Cam to that ! I can't stand him.
  2. Maybe someone will want a QB, trade up with us to get that extra year on contract.
  3. OK, Thanks.....remember that now.
  4. I see all these mocks without a 6th round pick. I can't remember what happened to it. Getting old SUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone fill me in ? Thanks .
  5. Has there been a decent Kicker brought in ?
  6. Is Varga still on the board ?
  7. Ya'll are forgetting he is the backup kicker.
  8. It's going to be funny as h3ll...................I can't quit laughing.
  9. And the crowd went wild !!!!!!
  10. Happy or not, still have to play the game
  11. 0.5 sacks in 7 games...........that not going to cut it.
  12. Just came over Falcon's ap
  13. There needs to be a thred made for arguing, this sh!t is getting old.