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  1. Yep, that's why during our win streak I didn't get too excited. They did what they were supposed to do against bad teams.
  2. Whether we dribble out this mf'er..rap metaphors and riddle out this mf'er...
  3. I'm from ATL but moved to Prince William County 3 years ago.
  4. Yep, they showed him warming up in the pen
  5. He's definitely overdue. He's going deep his next at bat!!
  6. would you run Greene out for another inning?
  7. I think it's just natural growing pains. They just have to get used to each other again. I am pleased with the effort from our O-line last night. I think Matt was only sacked once last night! Eagles D-Line is stout and we stood up to the challenge. I'm here for it all the good and the bad! Keep rising baby! #RISEUP
  8. I stopped reading at "We go be"
  9. We're definitely sweeping the Phillies
  10. I think our big hawgs will be angry this Saturday. They are about to abuse Kentucky's D-Line.
  11. Do you have an HDMI cable? Since I now live in DC that's how I watch the Falcons unless it's a national game.
  12. Andre Roberts wanna be an All Pro returner with the Jets
  13. Laaawwwdd I don't understand why players drop the ball before the goal line!! I'm not dropping the ball until I'm a couple yards in the endzone lol. EIther way GO DAWGS!!!!
  14. I agree 100%...some realize it sooner than others and some never do. I used to be the guy that got so freaking angry whenever my teams lost a game. Like legit be in a bad mood and not want to talk to anyone for a few days. I had it bad lol. My then girlfriend...25th of this month will make 8 yrs of marriage....but at the time she made me see how stupid I looked for being upset over a game. During one of my rages after a Falcons lost, in the sweetest voice ever she said "It's only a game". I'm a big guy 6'5 350lbs and those 4 simple words rocked me to the core. Since then I don't allow it to affect my personal life. Win or lose it doesn't affect my life one bit lol. If any of the teams I root for win a championship I'll be happy but its not like I'll receive a ring or anything. It wouldn't affect my life in any way. Like you said it's all wasted time. I just turned 35 a few weeks ago and I'm just thankful I was able to realize this in my late 20's.
  15. App St and Penn St tied at the half..10-10
  16. We have weapons on top of weapons on top of weapons...My Lord....
  17. It's early but App St is up 10-7 on Penn St
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