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  1. I think our big hawgs will be angry this Saturday. They are about to abuse Kentucky's D-Line.
  2. Do you have an HDMI cable? Since I now live in DC that's how I watch the Falcons unless it's a national game.
  3. Andre Roberts wanna be an All Pro returner with the Jets
  4. Laaawwwdd I don't understand why players drop the ball before the goal line!! I'm not dropping the ball until I'm a couple yards in the endzone lol. EIther way GO DAWGS!!!!
  5. I agree 100%...some realize it sooner than others and some never do. I used to be the guy that got so freaking angry whenever my teams lost a game. Like legit be in a bad mood and not want to talk to anyone for a few days. I had it bad lol. My then girlfriend...25th of this month will make 8 yrs of marriage....but at the time she made me see how stupid I looked for being upset over a game. During one of my rages after a Falcons lost, in the sweetest voice ever she said "It's only a game". I'm a big guy 6'5 350lbs and those 4 simple words rocked me to the core. Since then I don't allow it to affect my personal life. Win or lose it doesn't affect my life one bit lol. If any of the teams I root for win a championship I'll be happy but its not like I'll receive a ring or anything. It wouldn't affect my life in any way. Like you said it's all wasted time. I just turned 35 a few weeks ago and I'm just thankful I was able to realize this in my late 20's.
  6. App St and Penn St tied at the half..10-10
  7. We have weapons on top of weapons on top of weapons...My Lord....
  8. It's early but App St is up 10-7 on Penn St
  9. Some BS lol
  10. I know its only the first game of the season but Mich St looks like garbage. Definitley don't look like the #11 team in the nation tonight.
  11. TD UTAH ST!!!!