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  1. Yep, they showed him warming up in the pen
  2. He's definitely overdue. He's going deep his next at bat!!
  3. would you run Greene out for another inning?
  4. I think it's just natural growing pains. They just have to get used to each other again. I am pleased with the effort from our O-line last night. I think Matt was only sacked once last night! Eagles D-Line is stout and we stood up to the challenge. I'm here for it all the good and the bad! Keep rising baby! #RISEUP
  5. I stopped reading at "We go be"
  6. We're definitely sweeping the Phillies
  7. I think our big hawgs will be angry this Saturday. They are about to abuse Kentucky's D-Line.
  8. Do you have an HDMI cable? Since I now live in DC that's how I watch the Falcons unless it's a national game.
  9. Andre Roberts wanna be an All Pro returner with the Jets
  10. Laaawwwdd I don't understand why players drop the ball before the goal line!! I'm not dropping the ball until I'm a couple yards in the endzone lol. EIther way GO DAWGS!!!!
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