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  1. 45-17 ATL
  2. Chester is 34...I agree though that he's done.
  3. Oh no doubt. That was the first thing I noticed when he was walking out.
  4. I definitely saw the limp
  5. Have they released the Madden super bowl prediction?
  6. Yep! I love it!
  7. Smitty was actually at the game on Sunday. My wife and I walked right past him near Gate B after the game.
  8. I used a vacation day lol.
  9. Southside ATL here...old nat
  10. Rub some Tussin on it and get on down to the dome!!!! In all seriousness I hope you have a speedy revcovery
  11. I'm all in!!!!!
  12. Again these dudes not playing for pep talks. 4th on the line...dudes not thinking about a rah rah pre game pep talk. But hey man you like pep talks and think they are important so cool. I think they are non factors for pro athletes.