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  1. My wife and I are here in Vegas on vacation from ATL. This all seems like a very bad dream. We literally were in that area and on the strip 10 mins before the shooting started. I feel bad for all those affected by this. I’m thankful my wife and I are safe.
  2. Good! Bye Bye....Deuces....I'll holla....
  3. Clearly doesn't know football and that each position has a job to do. He's doing his job quite well!
  4. Right Tackle on Sunday and Point Guard of the Hawks on his off days. Dude got skills lol
  5. Whose calling the game?
  6. You missed the NFC Championship?
  7. I absolutely loved it!!
  8. My man cave used to be awesome!! Now the room that was once my glorious man cave is full of GI Joe's, Tonka trucks, and Barbie dolls. Yes, I was kicked out by my 3 yr old son and 1 yr old daughter. It is now a play room for them. Now I'm sad.....
  9. Link to article FLOWERY BRANCH — The Falcons are favored to beat the Green Bay Packers by 2 ½ points. One scout, who spoke with Bob McGinn of sees a close game, much like the 33-32 shootout the teams played last regular season on Oct 30, 2016. “Green Bay will put up points and make it close. Atlanta’s secondary isn’t very good,” the scout told McGinn. An AFC personnel man indicated the Packers’ ground game might be the key to victory. “I honestly think the best way to (beat) Atlanta is establish the running game and go pound on them,” he said. “They’re undersized. That’s kind of how New England caught up in the Super Bowl. Wore them out. “To beat them, you’ve got to withstand the storm because they’re going to come at you early. Most of the times when they lose games it’s in the fourth quarter. They get worn out.” Scout on new Falcons right guard Wes Schweitzer: “He has short arms (32 5/8 inches), large hands (10 ½) and a score of 31 on the Wonderlic intelligence test. Chicago DE Akiem Hicks beat him like a drum Sunday at Soldier Field.” Scout on Falcons left tackle Jake Matthews: “He’s not the dominating left tackle you thought he was going to be coming out of Texas A&M. He’s a good, solid, dependable left tackle.” Scouts on Falcons right tackle Ryan Schraeder: “They’ve groomed Schraeder nicely. Typical right tackle.” Scout on Falcons defensive end/linebacker Vic Beasley: “Just a run-and-chase guy. He’s not special. He’s not well-rounded. Just an undersized guy who can run and hit." Thoughts?
  10. Green Bay and Seattle looked like garbage yesterday
  11. I'm so freaking amped right now!!! Dawg Nation representing!!!
  12. Well I'm going into this season thinking we're gong to steamroll everybody! What ya gonna do about it?
  13. Yeah the 28-3 jokes got old really fast. I'm numb to them now. Ish corny now.
  14. I've seen it a few times. I always see it while playing "Sniper Fury". Pretty cool commercial and cool to see our guys getting some national shine.