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  1. It's Dannell Ellerbe And if you look into the DT's this year, none of them fit MS's mold for what he wants in the first round. We'll add depth there, but not until later rounds. LB is our biggest concern because we've got 2 guys to replace and we need more depth there too. DT is ok for 2009 for now with Babineaux, Jefferson, Morehead, and Lewis.
  2. Something tells me that Koenen is going to have a major role in our run for the SB. He's easily our best player on ST!
  3. If we get him he's going to compete for the job, but it doesn't necessarily mean he'll get it. Either way it's good for us because he and Colemen can anchor all the DB's as far as leadership. If he were to win the job, great; and if not he'd be nasty on ST and possibly in the dime. If we signed him there would be far less posts about filling holes in FA and lack of leadership, and that would be great because we could just talk about the upcoming draft.
  4. TD's rookies don't play like rookies and there is something to be said about that. I see 1 or 2 rookies starting on D next year at the most.
  5. Stagnation breeds unrest and unhappiness i guess. Not for me though, I know where this team is headed and I'm on board all the way!
  6. Pioli was a big part of getting former misfit(in Oakland) Randy Moss and look how that turned out. All they had to give was a 4th round pick. Now they can sign him, but my guess is that if it does happen it will be for less than he wants and for short term. Like a Manny Ramirez type deal.
  7. I'm on that same wavelength. I don't understand why Vick fans wont let it go. Don't you Vick fans see that we are keeping Shockley on the team so that all of you will be happy that we still technically have a black QB (plus the entire state of Georgia, with a small black and yellow exception loves him). Move to the city of whatever team he lands on raid their message boards. Vick posts on these message boards = media coverage of octomom
  8. Ok if you want stats and something to refute here you go: Vick is listed at 6 foot but if you look at any pictures of he and Shockley(who is also 6 foot) side by side, Shockley's got an easy 2 to 3 inches on him. Height plays a factor and if you're 5'10" you can't see over your linemen. After drafting him we used 3 first round picks on skill positions to surround him with talent (Duckett, Jenkins, White) The reason that Jenkins and White have had a slow progression is because now they finally know where the ball is coming from. It wasn't always that he under or overthrew his receivers In fact
  9. Watching all of this just makes you realize that no matter how suspect the future of our D may appear now, we've got the offense to overpower any of the teams we're facing next year.
  10. I agree nice read, but I also agree with the concerns the article raises as well. It's going to be interesting to see how Smith makes this D his own.
  11. Of course it's not for real. It's just my feeble attempt to bring some much needed humor to the boards. I mean if we as fans can't come together on the message boards then what hope do our falcons have? lol
  12. Let's mend fences. For what it's worth I'd watch Brooking and Vick's press conferences. Brooking is just news now. Don't worry Vick fan, when the spotlight is on him(i.e. - getting out of prison, re-instatement, peta commercials, and a new team) again you'll have your glory, albeit briefly, on the message boards again.
  13. As per Rotoworld.com (America's #1 Source For Fantasy Sports News), Christ Houston is reportedly going to spend the reminder of the offseason on Deion Sanders' couch in an attempt to soak up some prime time, or at best learn to turn his head. When asked about Chris Houston's celebration skills Sanders had this to say, "What celebration skills? You have to have something to celebrate to do that baby!"
  14. I forgot all about that, but it is hilarious! Sure does make me miss the law dog though. Plus that better have been L.J.'s last drop as a pro if he's coming to us.
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