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  1. Free Agency is just not gonna be what the Falcons need to make a winning team. They have stated from the get go of it all that, and i quote "We're very focused on the draft. I want to start by saying last year there was no surprise we spent a lot of time and a lot of money on the draft and in free agency on the offense. Obviously we'll be focusing on both sides of the ball with an emphasis on defense as well. At the outset of taking the job in Atlanta I made statements where we will definitely try to build through the draft and be mindful of free agency and supplement. I would suggest now our focus is not to be a major player in free agency but to focus on this process here and try to get young, energetic, fiery football players so we can continue to build youth on our team and head in the right direction." Keep this in mind and you can muster up the strength to make it. And as for not winning, look at what we had last year and did pretty **** good.
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