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  1. Their dline has looked bad this season and they know it. I wouldn't be surprised if they come into next week's game with something to prove. I hope we have Terrell back to cover McLaurin but other than that we should be able to hold their offense in check. I do like their RB Gibson
  2. He didn't look good. It was his first start so maybe he could get better but I hope he doesn't have to start anymore lol
  3. Did McGary get beat on that fumble or was it an extra guy on a blitz?
  4. I know "rebuilding isn't in our vocabulary" but maybe we should add it
  5. Patterson has looked good in the role he's been playing so far. No need to disrupt one of the only bright spots so far this season.
  6. I think we're rolling with the guys who are here. Guys have always said transitioning sides is one of the harder things for linemen to do, especially for young guys. (Look at Sewell who switched back to LT last week after being meh at RT in the preseason and got a thumbs up from Bosa). Not to mention going from a tackle to a guard with that. Unfortunately, Mayfield is going to take some lumps until Andrews is ready to come back.
  7. Not great. To be fair though, Hargrave is very good.
  8. I know it's just one game but I think we'll be in the market for a new RT in the next year. Can't see them picking up McGary's option when the time comes.
  9. Matt's not the issue here. We need better line play. Put anyone you want back there and they're not going to succeed.
  10. Exactly. If you want to have LBs who fly around and make plays and stops then you need a defensive line that can at least slow down the opposing oline. The Eagles line was getting to the second level all day
  11. I think the oline gets better over the season. I don't think they'll be in consideration for one of the better lines in the league but they'll get better. I'm worried about the pass rush. I just don't see any spark from the guys we have aside from Grady. I think AS gets better at play calling as the season goes on so I'm not too worried about the coaching but it's going to be a rough season.
  12. I didn't think it was that bad. I was willing to giver her the benefit of the doubt since it was her first year covering the team in person.
  13. I wonder if more reporters will end up taking positions with the actual team's instead of sports outlets with the new rule that only team affiliated press gets locker room access this year.
  14. Looks like Ito Smith got released by the Cardinals as well. Hope they both make it on a team this year.
  15. Seems like he's upset that the organization publicly said they were mad at him for waiting on this surgery.
  16. He looks super fast in this clip. I'm hoping for a massive season from Jones this year
  17. Good point. I'm more impressed with Henny because it seems like all the good news has been about his growth and understanding of the game and what it takes to be the starting center i.e. Matthews talking up how he's found his voice out there.
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