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  1. The purpose fo the trade down isn't to get a QB. I honestly wouldn't want to draft a QB at that spot. The QB scenario only comes to pass if TF's guy is Lance. We trade down, pick up extra picks and maybe Lance is still there then I don't see why they wouldn't pick him. Again, I'm more in favor of using the pick elsewhere but just thinking of all possibilities.
  2. I think 10-15 is the sweet spot. Lowest I'd want to go is #19. Puts us in a good position in case a QB drops. Even without someone falling, we should still be in good position to pick up one of the top defensive players at CB, LB or Edge.
  3. It was a PFN simulator. Why so down on Etienne?
  4. He was off the board. I think Etienne in AS scheme could be special
  5. I tried not to reach for needs and just draft based on BPA at the picks. Traded the #4 to the Cardinals, who took Sewell, for #16, #49 and a 2022 1st round pick. 16. Travis Etienne RB Clemson 35. Zaven Collins LB Tulsa 49. Wyatt Davis OG Ohio State 68. Jabril Cox LB LSU 108. Quincy Roche EDGE Miami (FL)
  6. Most likely candidates on the roster would be Senat or Davison. Provided they aren't cut
  7. Mac Jones will be a sure fire All Pro according to TATF by the time the draft happens
  8. If he falls to the 2nd round or later then I'd be fine with it
  9. I don't think Farley will fall much, probably goes somewhere around 9 or 10. I do think Parsons could fall a bit to middle of the first round. I see Sewell going in the top 5 barring all the potential trades revolving around Watson.
  10. JA 98. I believed he would turn the corner for way too long. (Honorable mention to Jimmy Williams) On offense - Levine Toilolo
  11. Was just thinking about this. I'd imagine TF wouldn't be against doing something similar here if its on the table.
  12. I'm just confused by the names and comps being thrown around for Mac Jones. Let's slow down a little guys before we mention him with Hall of Famers. “Mac Jones is really good moving inside the pocket,” McShay said on ‘Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin.’ “He reminds a little bit of Dan Marino or even Tom Brady in terms of, and I’m not saying the same skill level, but not very mobile but really good inside the pocket. "To me, he's Bart Starr," Kornheiser said of Mac Jones. "He's just really so solid and professional back there and makes all the right choices. He's not flashy, but
  13. Unfortunately, we probably wont have the money to sign him. Love his game though
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