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  1. Good point. I'm more impressed with Henny because it seems like all the good news has been about his growth and understanding of the game and what it takes to be the starting center i.e. Matthews talking up how he's found his voice out there.
  2. I think Henny is our center for the season if healthy. Seems like he's stepped up in practice so far
  3. There was a lot of positive McGary talk come draft season. A lot of people were advocating against drafting Sewell and playing him at RT because McGary was here.
  4. He's been getting the reps when McGary has been out. I know there's a lot of McGary love on here but I think Mayfield pushes him at RT more than we expect. I think Andrews is the starting LG with Mayfield as the back up.
  5. I see that as well. I think it'll take Mayfield a bit longer to adjust so I see Andrews as the starter for the majority of the season.
  6. I know this was a signing that a lot of people brushed off as a camp body or practice squad player but it seems like he's been taking most the the first team reps at LG. Are we trusting in AS's ability to coach and scheme him up or do you think things will change once training camp starts? How are you feeling about the LG position?
  7. Sucks for depth but I didn't think Gono was going to win out for any starting spots this year. Hope he can come back sooner rather than later.
  8. Yes. He's capable of being RB1. He was 4th in the league in broken tackles last season and broke a tackle every 8th attempt (if you're wondering, Derrick Henry broke a tackle every 11th attempt and broke 34 tackles on the season).
  9. Maybe. That leaves us with Pitts and hopefully one very good second year WR as our main passing options. Feels like we're bound to get stuck between a rebuild and contending very soon. I hope not but time will tell.
  10. Probably a dline player. I think we might be set at CB outside of a lesser name depth guy.
  11. I could see it happening but that would sure feel like a rebuilding team move to me.
  12. Maybe hasn't done it at "the highest level" but I'd assume Moreau would be the one taking the leadership role.
  13. The BEST would be Sherman, Steven Nelson, Breeland, Poole, maybe a young guy like Gareon Conley. But I think we might be done with serious CB additions. I think we end up rolling with Terrell, Moreau, Oliver, Sheffield, Hall, Williams, and one more depth level guy.
  14. I think he's gonna have a solid year. Should be a good player for us.
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