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  1. Just grabbed by the bills.
  2. Great news! I saw way too much of him playing last year & this removes him from the equation this year.
  3. I'm guessing the Bears are starting to 2nd guess not resting their guys last week & letting the Vickings keep the Eagles out of the Playoffs.
  4. Oops, used the wrong root.
  5. I want high draft picks, just can't route for them to lose no matter what. When the season's over, the pick will be where it is. I will root for the teams lower than us to win, not for us to lose. I'd rather a lower pick, than having a team as bad as the cardinals are. Just the way my fandom works.
  6. He's driven the offense down for potential game winning scores many times only to have the d let up the actual game winning drives. Can't blame him on those, but I know some do. I also believe he was once known for his comebacks, it just seems like a while ago.
  7. He's been so reliable, I think the offense would take a step back if they cut him.
  8. Ryan, Ryan & Ryan. Just want to see better defense & o-line play.
  9. Sorry, he's a real good, but not $22M/year good. I'd hit him with the tag, from what they say a little north of $13/year. He's just not one of the best at his position, which isn't a negative, just reality.
  10. I haven't watched Rams games this year, but Goff looks like crap tonight. What a good defense can do. Why does Philly always have one (even with loads of backups) & we never do. Always supposed to, but just never get there.
  11. Yeah, Rams are looking more like pretenders than contenders lately.
  12. Hopefully, he realizes hes not a top guy & takes a deal less than those guys. He's really good, but sorry, not as good as them.
  13. I guess what's so frustrating, is that he keeps making the same dumb mistakes. He keeps helping the other teams by using his timeouts, time & time again. He's not learning from his mistakes. I'm not saying he needs to go, but he's making it very hard not to.
  14. I'm been on board with him coming back. But man is he making it hard with these bone headed timeouts that help the other teams. And he keeps doing it over & over.
  15. At least pick a better franchise and QB. At least we have players coming off IR, should have good draft stock and a fresh start and they're the Jags. And Nick Foles, really, everything lined up for him last year, the real Nick was playing at the beginning of this year.
  16. I was expecting this thread to be a sarcastic joke. Cause if you even watched part of this game, you wouldn't be able to say anything even remotely possible about the o-line without laughing.
  17. Certainly doesn't look like it. Hopefully, it's just cause both guards are so bad it's throwing him off. Not saying that's the fact just hoping, cause it's going to be hard enough to find 2 guards & a RT in the offseason & don't want to add a center to the list.
  18. One would hope. Poor Ryan is being killed every play.
  19. Yeah, remember all the eat crow talk just before the Browns game. He's not terrible, but certainly not great like some were saying.
  20. Yeah, how'd that work out. Ravens don't even have to throw a pass, hand off or QB run. This run d has to be worst in the league.
  21. Wow, is this bad to watch. D-line & O-line have to be a priority next year. I sure hope they don't overpay Jarrett, cause he sure doesn't look as good as the other top tier DTs. Maybe a top 10-15 DT. Sad to be thinking this way during a game, but they are just so bad right now. I think their RBs are getting like 5-7 yards before being contacted.
  22. Injuries are a big part of the problems, but there's a lot more than that going wrong this season. Both lines just stink, that's probably their biggest issue.
  23. Unless something crazy happens, I image the Saints will give us a beat down that covers that easy. I'd be thrilled if it were close, I just don't see how that happens, unless our offense clicks on all cylinders without any misses. Cause with our terrible defense, I doubt they miss more than 2 times to score.
  24. 3rd & 1 at the 2, go empty backfield. Stop them on second - don't panick Dallas we'll call a time out for you, calling the last 2 time outs on 1st & 2nd down when they can still run the clock on 3rd. Do these coaches have any clue what they're doing? Doesn't appear as if they do. Looks like the rest of the year is just about getting offensive stats now.