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  1. I was all for getting rid of him during the season, but we're past that time. The season is lost & I don't want a temporary HC getting an extra win or two to push next year's pick back. Let's just stay the course, make the change at the end, hopefully get a top 3 pick for the next group to work with.
  2. My feeling seem to be like everybody else here. I knew he was going to be gone either via trade or cut after the season, but it sucks. He was a true professional and always performed at a high level. At least he's got a great chance to be rewarded with a ring. A 2nd is more than I expected, but a Patriot 2nd is more like an early 3rd, but I'll still take it. They weren't winning anything this year, so start working on next year.
  3. If this is what he has faith in, then he's going in the right direction.
  4. Unless this is just lip service, I've lost faith in this man as an owner. What could you have seen this year to give you faith in anything this staff has done.
  5. To answer your question, I doubt it. He'll just probably just say he has faith in this group & will evaluate everything during the bye week. Blah blah blah Neither the owner or the HC seem to be smart enough to make any changes this season.
  6. Wait, was that a Rams punt in the 1st half. I almost forgot the opposing teams were allowed to punt, too.
  7. How would we know, DQ likes to send less, not more. I'm so done with him, just wish AB would be too.
  8. Assuming Quinn stays, 1-15, his defense is so dysfunctional. If he's fired at the bye or before, then possibly as high as 4-12, it's already a lost season, they missed their time to try and save the season, by letting him go a few weeks ago.
  9. 3 drives - 3 scores. AB, DQ can't fix this, make the change.
  10. That's a tough one. You'd essentially be getting 3 first rounders, 2 young players & a pick. Barkley is special, Jones may be really good (too early to tell) & probably a high pick. Plus, if you could swap salaries, you'd be saving a fortune now. If this was a real offer (personally i think the Giants would never give up this much) and we weren't eating so much dead money, I might have to say yes. Primarily cause of Ryan's age.
  11. In years past I've always held out hope that they could start to win & get into the play off race. Usually looking around the league & what results they needed that weekend, besides them winning. But how this team is loosing & their unwillingness to make any changes has me, for the first time I can remember, without hope for this season. It's really sad, since it's so early in the season. But they just look like they have no idea what they're doing anymore. I'm getting so aggravated watching that I'm starting to not make it all the way through the game, which has almost never happened in the past. There's something just so wrong with this team. This staff can't even figure out the punter position, how can they be expected to turn around this terrible defense, let alone the others issues.
  12. Definitely Quinn. His system doesnt work anymore & apparently he knows nothing else.
  13. I actually stoped watching just before the end of the 3rd. Cutting the lawn was more entertaining & I don't enjoy lawn care.
  14. Everybody knows this, but AB. This why DQ needs to go now.
  15. This is true of Blank , but if Quinn remains & they keep playing like this (which I can't see how they won't) I'll probably just checkout before seasons end, which I've never done before. I don't think I've ever watched a team so lifeless.
  16. Is he even watching the games? There's no fixing this train wreck with this staff anymore. Defense only forcing 2 punts in 2 games (Colts & Texans) in unacceptable.
  17. I don't understand all the hate on Ryan this game. Most QBs don't play perfect football all game. Most QBs don't score on every drive. I'm guessing it's just the Ryan haters being haters. This defense lets up a score on every drive, that's darn near impossible to match. Especially every game. I'm sure he's under so much pressure, cause he knows this.
  18. This is every game. How long until we dump this lame DC/HC & try and give this team a chance.
  19. Just imagine if this team had any sort of a defense. I think that's what makes this team so frustrating.
  20. No punts for Houston, yet. Can we get rid of this Quinn defense yet? How many weeks are we going to be forced to suffer through this?
  21. There is NO way Quinn turns this around. It's his defense that's killing this season. Or lack of defense, the offense can't score every drive, they're not playing against Quinn's defense.
  22. They very well could. The way they're playing, it's gonna be tough to beat any team.
  23. Not sure if you're asking me, but if you are, I'd prefer now, but settle for after a Houston loss. Waiting til the end of the year would probably be to possition for a high draft pick. Unfortunately, my hope for this team to find themselves is at an all time low.
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