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  1. I'd be all for this. Him & Grady after working well on the inside.
  2. No, no, no & oh did I say no.
  3. xs and os

    He may not be the fastest saftey, but he is a smart safety. People have been talking about upgrading him for a few years now, but he seems perfectly fit for this defense from what I've seen lately. Had a few great plays last night, his best 2, you're showing above.
  4. At least this ends any speculation of who he'll replace or who will be waived to make room. The interior looks good as it is, so I'm fine with it.
  5. For me to. I live in NJ, so I won't have to hear how they own us.
  6. I could have done without the ending as it was, but glad it's over and they won. Finally beat that team.
  7. Great TD. Just so much time left.
  8. Give up the lead with little over 3 minutes. Always with this stupid Eagles team. Why can't they just beat this team.
  9. I'm not sure I can remember, I think it's been a long time.
  10. Soft defenseon this drive, great time not to show up.
  11. I hate that they left the game close.
  12. Maybe we could have a quick hit play to counter the blitz they've been doing. Just maybe?
  13. That was a good stop by the defense. Now stop the stupid crap on this drive & get the TD.
  14. Matt what are you doing tonight? That is just plain stupid for the 2nd time. Are you trying to hand them the game.
  15. They need to throw this idea in the trash. Just stop it Dan. Rush a minimum of 4 at all times.