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  1. Your scenario is based on us sweeping both the saints & bucs. Doesn't seem very realistic, but would love it. I'd imagine a split with 1 or both of them at best.
  2. Nope, I doubt anybody else goes during the season. What's the point, now. They've lost just about every tie breaker. Ride it out and clean house after the season.
  3. if . . . . they played the Jets all 16 games. But then, they might just find 16 ways to blow games they should win.
  4. At least we know that there will be a new coach & GM next year. After today's fail, I'm certain most if not all of this staff won't be with them.
  5. That is very accurate of them these days. I never understand all the attention on the jerseys. I think the problem is they worry more about the jerseys than the players inside them.
  6. Between the 2 choices, I'd have to say playoffs. With Morris they're not going to be the worst team, but with the extra playoff spot, there's a chance if they go on a run to squeak in. But, realistically I think they miss the playoffs & don't get a top 5 pick.
  7. Great job coach, something that I haven't been able to say for a while now. The team looked so different in all 3 phases of the game. Now I can at least watch a game without expecting to see how they are going to blow another game. Excellent job. Keep up the good work.
  8. Finally, I was starting to think it would never happen. 🙂
  9. This is where I'm at. Until he's gone, I can't move forward with this team. I see all these next HC threads, but to date he's still the HC. We were told changes were coming last year if they didn't make the playoffs, they didn't & no changes either. It's a sad time to be a fan of this team. Over the past 2 years, I've been jealous of the teams who've fired their HCs. That's about all I've had to be hopeful for, they've given us nothing else.
  10. I don't think he's got it in him. He seams to be a very soft owner. After seeing DQ still here after the Dallas game makes me believe he's not doing anything until after the year.
  11. You left out, we have a clueless owner. Why is it everybody but him sees that the DQ is done & so is the year so long as he's still here. Just foolish.
  12. This is a tough question. I always hope for the Falcons to succeed and win, always have. But, this year has a feel I've never had. I'm convinced now that DQ isn't the answer anymore. So, I'm torn. I don't want DQ to stay & it's crazy he's still here, with what we've seen the past 2 years at least. But how many more bad games will it take to get rid of him. I'm starting to think he'll be around all season. It's such a joke right now. Another season of only winning after they've been almost all but eliminated is unacceptable. Why can't AB see this. I couldn't vote, because wha
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