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  1. If you can’t login to your Ticketmaster account, it’s because the server is down. Go to will call at the stadium. What a f****** mess.
  2. Let’s hope it continues.
  3. I feel personally attacked by the man cave comment.
  4. Just realized that AT&T doesn’t carry the game because of the NFL Network bull****.
  5. Oh, he finally got released from jail for his assault on Earl Thomas in January 2013. Nice.
  6. I can’t wait to bump this when Freeman is crushing it this year. Mark my words.
  7. I spoke with an Equifax employee. Not a buddy. I had to file a claim for an account opened in my name. I asked specifically about the payout amount and that’s what he said. But we all know how much their word can be trusted at this point. I don’t know. I hope everyone gets what they’re expecting.
  8. 110% incorrect. They have an “overflow reserve” I spoke to someone yesterday. The affected will receive $125 and that number can only go up depending on the nature of your claim.
  9. Just keep a few lights off. Boom! Problem solved
  10. Oh, you’ll get it.
  11. If you guys were on the list, you’ll get a check. All I want is 20%. You’re welcome
  12. Bump
  13. Fellow TATF family, Take 2 minutes and check this site through Equifax to see if you’re getting a piece of the pie. It’s super quick and easy. If your SS # is on the breached list, they send you a check for $125. This could very well get you a new jersey or tickets or whatever you want (had to make it TATF somehow) this isn’t a scam. Check my post history. Just want to help out my fellow Falcons fans. They just ask for the last name and last 6 of your social good luck and Rise Up!