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  1. Great interview with Todd McClure. He talks about the different coaches he played for and discusses playing with Vick and Ryan. Great takes from one of the all-time great Falcons. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/welcome-to-mattlanta/id1470497683#episodeGuid=5c05d560-8f8b-4f4b-9df2-ace5002ce443
  2. Man, I liked Marty. He has been our team doctor for years. Super nice guy. I dislocated my ring finger in pregame warmups one time and he had to reset it for me.
  3. Yeah, it’s not happening. He’s here for two more seasons. Seasons that we will be strong contenders and he will be a great mentor to his heir apparent. Enjoy the ride.
  4. Wow...you just don’t understand it at all. You should have probably just skipped this thread and kept playing Madden.
  5. Ha! I don’t do the nets anymore. I work with the specialists.
  6. No, that was October of 2004. 56-10. This was just a preseason game.
  7. 10 years ago today, I stepped on the field at the Georgia Dome as an employee and no longer a season ticket holder. I’ll be starting my 11th season a month from today. What a great decade it’s been.
  8. It’s all the Falcons Pro-Bowlers from 2005.
  9. You’ll have to show us an update to the cave.
  10. I am headed into my 11th season working with the Falcons. I haven’t missed a regular season or postseason game since 2002 though. I’m there on Sundays because I’m a longtime fanatic, not a fanatic because I’m down there.
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