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  1. Arch is incredible and brings great insight to our team. If you don’t listen to him and Wes on Sundays, you’re missing out.
  2. Man, I hope he’s healthy Sunday. That would be a huge loss.
  3. Well said, but we’ve seen a trend in that week one (Good or bad) is generally an anomaly. I think they will self-assess and fix the issues one week at a time. This team under DQ has historically been very resilient.
  4. I can’t wait to visit the board after Matt and the offense put up a great day offensively. I understand the frustration, but we are fine. It’s a long season and the offense will start clicking. Matt will watch film and take note of missed opportunities. He will correct the mistakes.
  5. It really does. So much has happened. Lots of ups and downs.
  6. September 7th 2008 vs Detroit Lions Matt Ryan’s first career pass goes 64 yards and a touchdown to Michael Jenkins and Michael Turner runs for 220. I’ll never forget it. “He lives in Atlanta”
  7. Haha yes he does. He just doesn’t sound very good. He tries to hard to sound smart.
  8. He is there because he was a player. Not for his skill-set, or lack there of.
  9. Arch is great.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. He is so funny
  11. I love John Michaels. Rick is dumb, but I have gotten to know John from being down on the field with him on Sundays. Super nice guy.
  12. That guy is hilarious. He is an entertainer for sure. He can be hard on Matt, but that’s what he’s paid to do.
  13. Hugh has firsthand insight to life in the NFL. It has its place, but he isn’t very smooth and has a hard time getting his thoughts out. They can do better in a market this size.
  14. I’m a big fan of 92.9 the game here in Atlanta. They are the flagship station of our Falcons and do a great job covering our team from top to bottom. Dukes and Bell are fantastic and the Countdown to kickoff is well done. The only problem I have is with John and Hugh in the morning. That is the worst show I’ve ever heard. John is pretty bland and Hugh has no business on the radio. Anyone else avoid them in the A.M.? They need to get a better duo for that slot.
  15. How is it that we have a lot of success against Green Bay and Seattle and have absolutely had their numbers, but we struggle mightily against inferior AFC opponents. This is especially true at home. I really hope we break the cycle this year. Any thoughts?