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  1. This felt like a win for the Falcons. Funny how a disdain for a team can feel like that.
  2. 2009 but became diehard in 2002. Vick’s first full year. Got hired by the Falcons in 2010. Still going strong.
  3. Unreal. You take the good with the bad in any aspect of life. This team has been hard to watch at times, but when you spend the time and money true fans do, you don’t question it. It’s ok to be frustrated with the coaching staff and the players at times, but it sounds Ike you’re close to buying a TB12 Jersey. Fans like you, OP are why this city gets **** on by other cities. The lack of loyalty here is a joke. Good luck with your next team. Hope to god you don’t have the same outlook on marriage.
  4. Ah! Good call. I forgot he wanted out of Buffalo. Good call.
  5. Peerless was a free agent. He didn’t cost a 1st round pick.
  6. We knew we were going to take a cruise this next spring, but heard about this, and she liked the idea. There are a lot of face to face interactions with dinners and stuff like that. A lot of stuff with Wes and Dave too. That all will just be an added bonus to sailing to paradise.
  7. Is anyone else going on the cruise in April? My wife just surprised me with ours. It looks pretty awesome.
  8. Google Samkon Gado
  9. Yeah, I don’t watch the Falcons either. Too much to do on Sundays. Are you an iPhone or an Android guy?
  10. If we can find a way to get a win in Washington this week, we will set ourselves up nicely. We would go into Cleveland on a 3 game winning streak against a team that just lost their coach and then head home to play a very beatable Cowboys team. This week is so pivotal for our postseason hopes. 1-4 was ugly, but we have a real opportunity to continue this turn-around. What we would be chasing would more than likely a wildcard spot, but I believe we can lose two more this year and get in at 10-6.
  11. Well said. I look back on those times with a fondness, but certainly appreciate what we have in #2 much more.
  12. Mike Vick will be there Monday night to pull the train horn. Looks like we are trying to involve him more like we do with other former players. Thoughts?
  13. I assist him and Bosher in warm ups and at halftime and raise the field goal nets during the game.
  14. I feared this would be the case after he kicked that field goal. I have worked with Matt Bryant since he came to Atlanta. He’s one of the few players I don’t worry about coming through. I hope whoever we get is serviceable in his absence.