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  1. PM me if you don’t mind.
  2. The two pylons are signed by DQ and Jamal Anderson The cleats were Roddys in the Pro Bowl
  3. That was the idea. I only put players up that I really loved watching.
  4. Don’t be. Most of it is stolen.
  5. All fans welcome. Until 11:00.
  6. Haha! I’m thinking about it...
  7. You’re right. He was terrible in coverage and didn’t block Watt at all. Dude scores 4 touchdowns and you still want to point fingers at him. I hate some of these fans.
  8. If you can’t login to your Ticketmaster account, it’s because the server is down. Go to will call at the stadium. What a f****** mess.
  9. Let’s hope it continues.
  10. I feel personally attacked by the man cave comment.
  11. Just realized that AT&T doesn’t carry the game because of the NFL Network bull****.
  12. Oh, he finally got released from jail for his assault on Earl Thomas in January 2013. Nice.