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  1. Ha! I don’t do the nets anymore. I work with the specialists.
  2. No, that was October of 2004. 56-10. This was just a preseason game.
  3. 10 years ago today, I stepped on the field at the Georgia Dome as an employee and no longer a season ticket holder. I’ll be starting my 11th season a month from today. What a great decade it’s been.
  4. It’s all the Falcons Pro-Bowlers from 2005.
  5. You’ll have to show us an update to the cave.
  6. I am headed into my 11th season working with the Falcons. I haven’t missed a regular season or postseason game since 2002 though. I’m there on Sundays because I’m a longtime fanatic, not a fanatic because I’m down there.
  7. Haha thanks man. I wouldn’t wear a gold chain down there.
  8. Haha yes sir! That one is a favorite of mine.
  9. Thank you. They are my favorite pieces
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