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  1. I'm currently in row 7 of sections 251/ The comparabale seats were row 16 (9 rows back!) and further from the aisle than I currently am. But I had already decided that if I bought a PSL, I'd move up. I was looking at 200 level corner seats. Honestly, as PSL's go and for those seats, I found them to be quite reasonable. $2,500/seat for the PSL and $115/ticket. I just can't justify spending that kind of money on tickets. I'm a younger guy with a 16 month old son and probably more kids in the near future. Too many unknowns out there to make that kind of financial committment.
  2. I had my meeting today. I wasn't crazy about my comparable seat, and I would want to move up if I decided to buy. I don't think I will be buying, though. It's just such a big investment for something that has way too many variables at play. First of all, the "other events" are nothing to write home about. It's a couple college football games, some concerts, and motocross and monster trucks. I can't see the concerts, motocross, or monster truck events being tickets to make money on. Even huge acts like the Rolling Stones would take a while to sell out at such a large venue. I also don't
  3. We spent a 2nd on a project last year in Hageman. That looks to be working out. Patience. We are fine at corner this year without having to rely on him.
  4. Yeah. Go ahead and sign him. He's a piece of ****.
  5. Saints paid him big $$ a year ago and this cut kills their cap. Ton of dead $$. If they would cut him with that much riding, there's no way he's worth it to us. There's no doubt he's a great player.
  6. Any way to post a pic here? I'm not on fb.
  7. Thanks for the info! And I'll probably be getting into downtown in time to get in the dome and grab a beer before kickoff. Working that day. The 7:00 pm kickoff will probably prevent me from tailgating.
  8. We are 3 weeks from the first preseason game. I was told to expect my tickets to arrive in July. Anyone got theirs yet?
  9. The pick made perfect sense. Dimitroff and Quinn were both quote during the pre-draft process that CB was a position of need and one that would be addressed during the draft. And Collins is exactly the type of CB, physically, that Quinn wants. And for where we got him, it was a great value pick.
  10. I talked to my rep, and he said the 300 level will be eligible to get their seats in August. You're safe. And there will be an opportunity to move up if you desire.
  11. I'll be renewing in the upper level as soon as I'm able to go to the preview center. I understand the frustration with poor customer service. It's worth noting that I think they've hired new reps for the new stadium. My rep was previously with the 49ers and has experience with PSL's particularly. So if you feel under appreciated, keep in mind that it's because a lot of these guys are new! You probably were told you held tickets for 10 years because they had you in a category of 10+ years or something like that. And yes - we are all just account numbers. I'm perfectly fine with that.
  12. DQ spoke at a a Buckhead Business conference yesterday and that was part of it.
  13. Anyone have it and willing to share? Much appreciated if so.
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