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  1. So I'll do this following your formula. #1: Louis Delmas or Pierra Jerry if its DT. #2: Ron Brace or Patrick Chung (if he is there, if not, Rashad Johnson would be a good pick.) #3: Chase Coffman or Asher Allen if the coaches really like him this weekend. #4: Zack Follett or Dannell Ellerbe. #5: Captain Munnerlyn if we don't go for Asher. #6: Alex Boone or Andrew Gardner if Alex is gone. Well, ya'll let me know what you think about this.
  2. Well yes I am a UGA fan, but I've always thought Stafford was more of a Pro QB than a College guy. He goes about his business and takes care of his end, I'm glad to see him go, he will be a much better pro. But someone answer me this, why would anyone say that Sanchez is in the running for being the top QB? Do starts count for anything anymore? Now he has 3 full seasons under his belt verses 1 to the Trojan, SEC at that. And did with a make shift O-line for most of his career. Of course his decision making skills look lacking, with less than 3 secs. to make most of his throws, he doesn't have
  3. Thats the smartest thing anyone has done since FA started, instead of going ape s**t about who we didnt get, you've got to look at the moves TD made last year and think that maybe he had a plan for some these guys.
  4. Ya'll just need to trust in TD and MS. Boley was playing like garbage in his contract yerar, when a career back-up takes your spot on 1st and 2nd, you've got big problems. We will find a Smart, head-busting, mean as a rattlesnake, wrap-up tackling machine, that will fit our Bend-Don't Break scheme. Two of them for that matter. List of OLB's who could help us big time (FA or Prospect): FA's: (WLB) Cato June (SLB) Angelo Crowell Draft: (SLB) Clint Sintim (SLB)Brian Cushing (WLB) Zack Follett (WLB) Dannell Ellerbe (SLB) James Laurinaitis (SLB) Jasper Brinkley We've got to get a good Sam backer. W
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