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  1. I hear that, enjoy the feast, keep bossing on these haters like the creator of this thread
  2. Erik Coleman, Brian Williams, Mike peterson(regular season), Johnathan Babineaux.
  3. So give your breakdown of these players and where they will play eventually (if at all) -Chris Houston: Starting RCB -Chevis Jackson: Starting NB -Tye Hill: Starting LCB -Brian Williams: Competing for RCB and/or NB; Back-up safety or starting depending on Moore -Brent Grimes: Back-up LCB -Erik Coleman: Staring FS -William Moore: Starting SS -Thomas Decoud: Back to ST -Christopher Owens: Bench Still have to see 1 regular season game but if they all play how they did in the preseason, this is how it will end up in my opinion.
  4. im bout to eat mine now lol i guess its ok if you are disregarding the subject the poster made, still not acknowledging him. getting that plate of Turkey neck bones and rice
  5. ill play, dont know how to get there though ,having the link trouble like the other guy. lol the league i joind like 2 months ago had harry dougla and the falcons defense on the roster not looking pretty early but i traded the saints D for ours. HELP though.
  6. you obviously dont get it, but i think you know what i man so grow up fam
  7. Bingo, i think i found someone who actually understands the nuances of football.
  8. please stop responding to this thread, this is what he wants. while there are others posts by people who actually care about the team that go unread. once his senseless post gets no views, he will learn to cut it out.
  9. Thank you, you answered his question straight without being disrespectful or using sarcasm. Need more posters like you
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