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  1. **** I live in Chile, hopefully they sell them online. Would love one.
  2. Even though I was 'against' bringing him back (if he got more than 6m per year), he doesn't exist for me now. YOU CANT MOVE TO YOUR ARCH RIVALS. PECHOFRIO.
  3. I'm just glad he stayed the **** out of the NFC.
  4. Finnegan got 50m/5yr Wright got 37.5/5yr Grimes would have commanded around 9-10m per year and the franchise tag is 10.2m.
  5. Agreed and we also might see Douglas or Biermann out do their contract. They have potential and were never utilized correctly.And I agree on your asterisk, we are not ONE player away from the super bowl like a lot of people like to believe. We have to fix the lines, bring secondary depth, etc.. but we can get those players via draft and/or via mid tier reasonable price free agents. Not a championship team, but after imo losing the correct path to build a championship team after 09 it looks like we are back on track.
  6. Agreed, swift, fully agreed. I'm glad we are following, once again the 'patriot' way. We are resigning our own players at reasonable prices and let those who are asking for unreal contracts go, building through the draft and bringing in mid tier FA (which will hopefully come) at position of need. As you said the foundation is set on stone, right now bad teams are overpaying the upper/mid tier FA and Dimitroff is waiting the market to calm down from the euphoric prices we are watching and bring good players according to what we can pay. It's what every pennerial playofff team should do (and the way it looks, they are). I'm anxious to see how it works out.
  7. He was one lousy PR, I will sure not miss watching him let the ball bounce once he called the fair catch. He was okay as KR though.
  8. WR-KR Eric Weems is joining the Chicago Bears on a three-year deal, according to a league source -RavensInsider
  9. He was like 18/20 last year when broke out something before the media.
  10. It looks like the Bucs also agreed on principle with VJax ****em.
  11. He retwitted this today: Walk boldly through the doors God opens for you, and don't become discouraged when He closes one. It was obvious he was gone.
  12. I feel betrayed, I don't want any coldhearted POS on my team who prefers money over feeling the shirt colours. You just can't leave for a division rival. I'd swear I'd be okay if he signed for any other 28 team.
  13. Agreed, but I'm south american. I hate, loathe and despide every close rival with my heart. Going to a division rival is betraying for me. I wanted to kill Maidana when he left Boca for River, for example.
  14. https://twitter.com/#!/incarceratedbob/status/179664744666505216
  15. **BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: The Buccaneers have agreed in principle on a deal with (LB) Lofton (Media will get this later) - ICB If true, he's dead to me.
  16. He was our MLB in the 07-08 season, but moved to the outside when Lofton got here in 08-09.
  17. I'm no cap master by any means, so I'll def take your word. That would be ideal, I also agree that the FO would bring a vet back up QB, having a rookie or JPW is too much of a risk if Matt goes down.It would be a dream to have our FA back & bring Mario.
  18. Wishful thinking, Mario cap hit will be around 11-14m. Biermanns hit is of 1.75m and DeCoudsis 1.5m this season at least.We have around 31m of cap space, considering Grimes sign his tag we already used 13.75. We have enough to sign Mario, then cut Baker and Ovie and we can sign Lofton, Douglas and Zelenka (or the other way around). It will be tight, but who cares there's always a way to manipulate the cap. Fix the oline thru the draft, draft a QB later on. Not saying it's what we should do, I'm still sceptic on bringing Mario but it is possible.
  19. Not particularly a fan of Thomas DeCoud, I felt he didn't have a good season last year. Probably the FO thinks that with a new top coordinator he can build on that excellent season he had two years ago. Let's see how it works out, I'm hoping we get to see a DeCoud on his 2010 level or even better.
  20. Read my sig I'm convinced Palmer will be at least a solid #2TE for years to come. Happy with the re signing.
  21. Stalling tactic, nothing to worry about. More than anything it help us, he's tendered and can't negotiate with any other team and as long as he doesn't sign there's no cap hit and we can negotiate with him to reduce the cap hit and sign him to a long time deal.
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