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  1. Also took tons of pressure off our center those years
  2. If he can play 2/3 of TG when he was here I’m not sure but if we also get a bruiser like turner we are instant contenders
  3. I say take the lb or surtain and be done with it. We need picks but also we need quality starters. we have been drafting corners for good reason but an extra stud LB could really be foundational. You don’t pick a qb when your is a top 10. I mean you want a rookie against Brady? Look how that worked for his previous devision? Just not realistic to have contention in the next 3 years
  4. Kendall I think has the chance to become a good starter love to see him succeed
  5. I don't think it's fair to speak about others downfalls. It's just not right to accuse ppl when you don't know the situation
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-hottest-offensive-scheme-my-top-five-receivers-ravens-complacency Battle lines drawn
  7. Don Imus and the "nappy headed hoes comment." It's funny because the lead up you could tell he thought about not saying it then the 3rd try he just spits it out
  8. I think schaub is a quality backup. If he is paid under 3 then I don't see an issue but 5 can prevent us from signing some help in other areas
  9. Yeah but 5 mil I think that is steep for a backup with no upside
  10. https://www.nfl.com/news/top-10-qbs-under-pressure-ryan-tannehill-derek-carr-shine Interesting I can only hope our offensive line can be a top 15 unit. i mean jeez
  11. I think they said that about Thomas Davis also
  12. I wonder if being being beat up in the nfc south he will retire next year. It's gonna be rough
  13. I think Sheffield may take a big step forward. I think that's gonna be our under the radar guy from that draft. I'm gonna call Gurley if he can impact the team the way turner did we are gonna go back to being a perennial playoff team
  14. Trufant money is like 11 mil we cam get a player for that. Always guys getting a surprise cut and there are lots of high profile guys still unsigned.
  15. Yeah this will be the narrative to get players to fight the shutdown
  16. I think it is so they don't lose credibility. At first i was like yay the media thinks we did good then I read everyone else's grade and dang near everyone got an A. Now the people that do have a good draft they can say told you so, and those who fail the player didn't "put there potential forward". So the draft grades this year are not even fun to read
  17. I don't see how they can allow other companies like feel a resume activity and single out others. I'm betting the NFL has power to at least fight in the courts before they have to be closed. I just don't see how a government can allow some businesses to open and not others when "public" health is not in danger. I highly doubt it's 4th stringers or 3rd since there are not many of those lots of 2nd stringers and starters that are not considered superstars for the guys above. That's not an intelligent statement. The questions im asking are what most people would ask and the repercussions of the local governments ability to regulate clubs or any place indefinitely. I mean airlines are still flying with zero ppl. I don't think they can block companies that are not putting the public at health
  18. Yes but would those states not allow fanless games with just players? Blank as already suggested that. It seems like owners are on board. Can those states stop teams from playing in private arenas? And if so what compensation would the NFL ask for if those states closed there business?
  19. Especially because of the tv revenue I think you can monitor your 53 man roster relatively well with special guidelines like players self quarantine and clubs providing services for there families etc. You can't keep a player at home but having players opt in to special conditions. I can see the season being played with clubs paying for a variety of services and daily testing. There are only 32 clubs unlike other sports models.
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