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  1. Do the picture, the blank Smitty one
  2. I watched him vs LSU he dominated that game. Every time he rushed the edge he looked unblocked
  3. Fake news
  4. If you want to run on first down every time and run the exact same plays every game then yes.
  5. You don't think we need a LB it seems that was what pit our defense in such a bad way. was losing Poe that detrimental? Simmons and most of the DT are good players and needs but a stud LB I feel gives us the depth we really desire. I'm not for one guy over another, I just see our needs and lake of depth at key positions
  6. I would agree the linea first but we lost debo this year and it was like a meltdown. This draft is deep with DT talent and we drafted senat. Outside of cambel and debo it seems like we don't have legit starters. If we lose one of them I'm worried that we would be in the same situation as early this season. I would take the top LB then go DT. Then draft a couple of guards
  7. Devin white is the top LB in the draft and he is from LSU. I mean we did draft senat last year. Simmons is the DT from Mississippi state big and athletic. I was just joking about the TE but this team always selects some guy you never heard of in the first. I think I would go LB
  8. Devin white or do we select jeffery simmons? Most likely we select the top TE and do a dimi?
  9. No in football specifically the data shows the small adjustments made on the fly, in basketball the stat is team power. LeBron adds lots of power NFL players that can adjust as a team consistently both win more if they have won together consistently. It's like the NFL dream teams they never seem to win or stay together. But they are hyped. Or Superbowl winning teams who lose several players due to salary cap situations. Data shows this to be more important than individual player skill.
  10. What it's saying is basically the more teams that win stay on that same team skill is not the biggest factor. Look at Green Bay this year. Yes on a way it is saying winners win but in football specifically there are factors that are different from other sports. IE baseball has different data as does basketball. But teams with the most talent individually are not perenial contenders. I can see that being our problem this year. We have several backup players not part of our winning team trying to gell. This data suggests at a predictive rate no matter the individual skill of single players if they have not won together consistently the odds are they will not.
  11. A research team from TU Wien (Vienna), Northwestern University (Evanston, USA), and the Indian Institute of Management (Udaipur) were able to statistically prove this phenomenon by analyzing large amounts of data in physical sports (football, baseball, cricket and basketball), and also in e-sports (namely the multiplayer online game "Dota 2"). The results have now been published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour. Skills are not everything The research team collected extensive data on numerous teams from several sports. The strength of individual players was quantified using different parameters -- for example in basketball, the number of points scored and the number of assists was taken into account. The strength of the team can then be calculated as the average strength of the players. "This gives us a value that can predict the outcome of a game reasonably well," says Julia Neidhardt of the E-Commerce research unit (Institute for Information Systems Engineering, TU Wien, Vienna). She conducts research in the areas of team performance, user modeling and recommender systems. She does not only consider individuals, but also models their relationships, for example with the help of social network analysis. "Teams with better individual players have of course a higher chance of winning -- but that's not the end of the story," says Neidhardt. The team effect In all the sports studied, the actual results of the games can be predicted even better by not only considering the average strength of the team members, but also taking into account how often they have been victorious together in the past. It is therefore not only important to bring the best possible stars to the field, they also have to gain experience together as a team by celebrating joint victories. Especially in elite sports, where the skills of all involved professionals are extremely high, individual differences do not necessarily play the key role. As the differences in the skill levels decrease, common experience becomes more important. It is particularly interesting that the effect was to be seen in very different sports: In football or in the e-sport "Dota 2," the team members permanently depend on each other. Most actions are performed by several players at the same time. In baseball, on the other hand, throwing and hitting the ball are individual actions that have nothing to do with the rest of the team. Nevertheless, the team effect can be seen in all these sports. Robust result There are different possible explanations for this: By training and playing together for a long time, the players become better at coordinating their actions and predicting their teammates' reactions, but there may also be strong psychological effects, when there is a strong emotional bond between the team players. The statistical data cannot conclusively answer the question which effect is more important. "We can see clearly that in the case of similar skill levels, prior shared success is a good predictor of which team is going to win," says Julia Neidhardt. "This effect is very robust, in a variety of sports. This leads us to suspect that similar effects also occur in other areas."
  12. Yeah especially when our guards are sub par to most dlines. I would bunch formation 4 wr. Sanu and Julio can block as good as TEs. I think we have a much better chance at converting against 3-4 corners than a jumbo defensive set
  13. To bad there are no 1st round guards or tackles
  14. If dimi was gonna cut him he would not have rejected a 3rd round pick. I expect him to be signed, the offer from another club of a 3rd rounder in his 5th year shows his actual value. While he did the the league in sacks one year I think he will not Garner a huge contract. Although i do think if he was a unrestricted FA someone would pay him more than he is worth RT now but unless he does more he will not full fill that contract. His best long term position would be to stay in ATL.