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  1. Ryan only three 14 interceptions in 2 years with a bad oline
  2. Amazing people want to cut Beasley and give 100 mill to clowney who has 1 more year and less sacks. Shocking to me. And I realize clowney I more complete but seriously sacks are the only thing that counts. DT get more sacks than clowney. Grady probably has more in the last 2 years
  3. So Beasley has more sacks?
  4. So Vic has more sacks than clowney
  5. Madden says that is not possible, also l like the colts endzone td between 3 guys. Ruled incomplete overturned to a TD upon review
  6. Prescott is a great show but working his way into a puerco. A pig that wants more than he needs. I assume I would ask this also, but also he is no where near a mvp qb and that has to eventually factor to make teams keep a salary cap
  7. I think we have a versitile line. To me that mostly depends on hags and Crawford if they can push the pocket. I think there is no question that last year we were missing "something " and it was on the line mostly. Both sides. Now we "if" we have a line that has that inside "it" factor, just average I think we will have a good front 7. Now we gotta worry about corner but o think we are primed there. Offense seems to be evolving in a good way. How many years have we not pushed the defense for a yard when we need it. That was New York and many games Achilles heal. I think "hope'"we fixed that issue. If we have I see us winning at least one championship bar injuries
  8. Definitely why he went to the raiders and not some mediocre team somewhere else, the real question to me is how he is going to react if he doesn't produce in the top 5 more than 2 years in a row
  9. It's so if he doesn't preform with out the big Ben he can walk away and claim he just wants to leave "healthy"
  10. next year? more like this year. final preseason game mark my words "ryan will be playing so we can rest benkart"
  11. we might have a qb contreversy
  12. julio has said he doesnt need to be the highest paid WR he is 30 i het he wants to renegotiate before 32. i tbink he will get maybe 3-4 mil more per season.
  13. i was hoping for an aurther blanks segment