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  1. Yes Joe burrows will probably be NFL MVP his rookie season
  2. Borrows next can't miss QB
  3. Joe burrow he probably will have the most come back wins his first year. Likely he will have the most yards in NFL history also. Not slow Joe this guy will be elite in the NFL. Im taking burrow over all starting QBs in the NFL right now. He has not let any one down
  4. We upgraded hoop and I feel we will draft someone to replace Campbell with someone comparable at better value
  5. Who doesn't think Matt breaks the current yards all-time
  6. Health is key to having certain records and Matt is a great mix
  7. I don't think you can pass the opportunity as a franchise to give up on a guy that will have nfl career marks at mutiple catagories
  8. Matt Ryan seems to be the NFL leading passer by career end Sorry winston, liquor and isolation
  9. We had this beat writer who said Freeman would be the top QB some time in the future in the nfc south
  10. I think you are short at LBer. I think corner is in and high but I'm seeing LBer, DT corner and we are gonna double dip at 1 position and I think it is LBer
  11. Im seeing corner and LBer, G and double dips. We always seem to do well when we double dip
  12. Maybe the pats will give us a second if we resign Hooper if not we will get a compensatory pick likely a third. That is not bad, we need to let guys walk if we get comp picks. We shouldn't be cutting guys but letting them walk if they are not vital. contracts must get better so we can do this easier to not have to cut guys like freeman and get nothing. We like to keep our guys and it is great but paying guys like we have I mean we made freeman the top paid RB we had to with Jones and ryan. But we cant with neal. We need more Jones like deals
  13. Depends on our draft priorities, we want a guy that is good in coverage to pair with Jones but we also need to save money. We definitely need more LBs so shedding guys and replacing them in FA seems counterproductive at a price point and we need more than one guy if he is cut so we would need multiple less talented FAs. Unless we are drafting a LB high in the top 4 pics I dont see how we can cut him.
  14. Every year is the best DE of all time
  15. I don't know this for sure but reading the way quin reacts to things I can see how it gets old. Reading his latest "best feeling in the world" "you live for these moments". He is happy like an adrenaline rush, but why would he be so ecstatic with a good team and a record like ours? Have you guys ever been around somebody that knows alot and studies your occupation? But then is so excited about it you just become turned off? Quin seems like the guy who is super hyped all the time and ppl can not connect with that. Our superbowl year we over achieved maybe bc he was like hyping guys. Then the next year the guys were like oh that's how he acts all the time. Idk but he seems over hyped and most guys get turned off. My observation maybe I'm wrong