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  1. lily thai is on my mind

  2. I think it's safe to say that this move didn't need nearly 4 hours worth of getting hyped up about.
  3. True, but when sooo many people were talking about how big it could possibly be or trying to get the mod to spill it, he kept shut and didn't hint at the fact that this move is so minor.
  4. Even if the Mod wasn't allowed to publicly announce it until it was official, he should've come back here and let everyone know that it wasn't a blockbuster deal or even a "mid-level" acquisition. Nearly every team in the league made a similar move to this yesterday or today, but I can almost guarantee that a thread wasn't made like this one to get everyone's hopes up that it was something big.
  5. lol probably I figured it wouldn't be huge news like some were making it out to be, but all this hype over a crappy pick-up like this is ridiculous.
  6. :lol: Who the **** is Brian Williams?
  7. He came back and said there's more "bigger" news, schmuck.
  8. It's going to be hilarious when he comes back in three hours to report we've brought back Kinoshita. I highly doubt this is a trade. The mod most likely wouldn't know about it, and I can't see how it would possibly take so long to publicly announce it. It's probably a re-signing or something.
  9. See, this is a complicated issue. If you're like me and are desperate for any kind of pussay at the moment, you take the crackheaded whore in a heartbeat. My hammerhead hasn't been inside a woman in far too long. I don't even know how he would react to an environment less familiar than my warm, right hand. I do love a good challenge, though. At the end of the day I'm going with the coke-head. It's like taking a really good offensive lineman to start a football team. It may not be the sexiest pick, but you know what you're getting. With the church girl, it's like taking that flashy WR with a top-10 pick. You may be getting that stud like DeSean Jackson, or you might end up with Ted Ginn Jr. The risk far outweighs the reward IMO. Hopefully this clears everything up. If you want some advice when I'm sober, just holler.
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