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  1. http://thedraftwire.usatoday.com/2016/03/16/2016-nfl-draft-five-potentially-shocking-picks-in-the-first-round/ 3. With the 17th Pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia I wrote this week that Karl Joseph may be the best pure safety in this class when healthy, especially in terms of value, but until that knee checks out with NFL teams, it is unlikely he will hear his name called in the first round. If everything goes well with his his knee and long-term status, he will start to rise up the draft board, and with a team like Atlanta,
  2. I agree. That and I haven't heard anything about his pass blocking. But he has great vision and 1st cut acceleration. The main knock is his upright running style... needs to get lower. I think he is going to be exciting in our zone block scheme.
  3. His highlight reel is crazy. He is hardly touched by anyone on most those plays. Someone said it already, but he is definitely reminds me of Jerious Norwood. Upright running style with crazy acceleration. Lets hope he is a more durable version.
  4. Dude is a high motor guy. He was a force for the Grizzlies even though it was the Big Sky Conference. Wouldn't be a bad pickup in the 7th or UDFA. Who cares if he ran a 4.8 40. What was his 10 yard split?
  5. Haha.....love it. Should call them the Broken Levee's or the Crawfish or the Indians.
  6. All you have is your claims as well.....without full knowledge. There is still much unknown about marijuana.....and WebMD does not have all the answers. That is why WebMD is still a .com website. Not a .org, .edu, .gov. etc. Engineered was the wrong word....I meant breeding. However, medical marijuana is being engineered by altering its DNA right now.....which is exactly what is done with artificial sweetners. I agree with you on his idiocy...period. I can state my beliefs as I feel, just as you have. You have nothing more to stand on than I do. Agree to disagree on the rest. Go Falcons!
  7. First off, I apologize for calling you a moron. I was upset and got caught in the heat of the moment. Secondly, this is a message board. Every topic on this message board has someone critiquing spelling, so if you are trying to be cute and original......YOU FAILED. The WebMD articles you refer to are for medicinal marijuana. I am all for medicinal marijuana and see the benefits it provides. The marijuana on the streets today is not the same as the stuff our parents were smoking back in the '60's. (Assuming you are in the age range of 25 - 32 years old as I am) The weed on the streets these
  8. Hahaha......that reminded me of this insurance commerical. And I'm a French model......Bonjour!
  9. WEBMD.......your serious.....whos the moron now. Let me guess........the internet solves all your problems.
  10. Weed is stored in your fat cells or fatty tissue..........guess what has some of the most fatty tissue............BRAIN CELLS! Doh.....I lost count after ten........weed affects memory too. Let me ask you........will he forget what team he is playing for too! You still want this pothead! Say no to Honey Badgers!
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