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  1. You should contact you ISP and question them as to why your entertianment value is so bad.
  2. I know twat, maybe you could liven up your responses some.
  3. I'm going to go make a pizza...I will be back to respond to the sheep in a few minutes...
  4. LOL...It's already started for me. You don't really think I care about your entertainment value? LOL...thats pretty funny!
  5. Well, I do like bacon...so I approve this message.
  6. Did you fail kindergarten? Don't feel bad I did as well.
  7. I'm just here for the entertainment people, don't mind me... and to pad my post count
  8. So is it snake, yachtsman or tahuyaman? I think you are confusing yourself.
  9. I can see from your lack of a response you have failed to count to two.
  10. OMG Bot, you are the most confusing person on this earth...how did you ever figure out how to use a keyboard?
  11. and there might be a chance that I do, but since you obviously know the "whole story" enlighten us.
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