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  1. Curry for vick Make it happen....................
  2. I take Dorsey Then Trade down for two thirds And pick up vaughn and a pass rusher
  3. Let's say English Matthews Hood Delmas Butler Jerry A. Smith Are on the board. Do you still take Dorsey, seeing that English is on the board still? (I say heck yeah in a heartbeat)
  4. 3-4 defenses: three lineman, all usually bigger lineman. They are meant to control gaps and take up blockers. They really aren't known as the playmakers. The linebackers are known as the playmakers. You have your outside linebackers, who usually is that extra pass rusher and two inside linebackers who really have to be complete backers seeing how one of their olb is rushing most of the time. 4-3 Four lineman who usually all rush(depending on the scheme, some can control gaps while other are meant to create pressure). Three Linebackers who can blitz, stay in zone coverage or go man to man on
  5. I don't know how many of you live in the Southern California area (Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa etc.) But that's the kind of humor we, or should I say the group of friends I have hung out with and their friends, have. About every race, heck even sexual preferences and beliefs. We (again talking about friends and I) take every negative stereotype way too far because we know that racism and prejudicism (if that's a word) is ridiculously wrong and we are comfortable enough to joke around even when It's a serious subject. I moved to Huntington Beach about 7 years ago and could not b
  6. We have 3 quality players at cb. However we have an unproven NT and a solid UT who plays all three downs. We need to adress those needs before we start looking at other positions. I'm thinking ziggy hood and sammie lee hill 1st and 4th
  7. Isn't Travis Williams (LB) from Auburn in the high 40's? Could we do that and have him be like 47 or something
  8. Cushing, jerry, and butler are on the board and we go with that?!?:?!!? Ill pass
  9. I didn't know jorden babineaux switched from safety to defensive tackle. I think Lewis did a fair job during his rookie year. We just need more depth at defensive tackle. At both positions. But I take Stroud and Henderson
  10. I'm still waiting for them to apologIze for the last one. If they even mentiOn Michael Johnson or James Lauranitis, I will bomb the nfl network
  11. I'm waiting for a poster to think its a real thread.....
  12. So after studying him these past two years, I figured out his problem. He has to get a visor for his helmet. Duh!!! Think about it. Abraham has a visor and he's a monster. Babineaux has a visor and is a disruptive force. Michael Turner? Visor!!!! You know who else had a visor? Michael Vick. Tell me that Vick did not look good passing after he got that visor. Remember Cincinati? Dallas? Come on!! Its all in that visor. Visor count = 7 in this post.
  13. Clay looked so fluid out there running the LB drills. But he did play safety in High School so I guess that helped him out a bit. I heard Mayock say that he caught every ball that was thrown in the drills. That's crazy
  14. I think we switch it up and go for a shade of yellow Ziggy hood William Moore Louis Delmas Shawn Nelson Chase Coffman Michael Johnson. Ugh One of the SoCal linebackers. (USC)
  15. Switching positions to draft a rookie is a must. (Coleman to ss) On TATF, you are one of the three A hugger A hater Or Bi-polar
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