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  1. Those **** injuries will kill a career in a jiffy.
  2. Who ISN'T worried about Julio being able to sustain a long healthy career. Heck even without history I'd still be holding my breath left and right. Do it all the time with Matt Ryan to this day. That said there's nothing anyone can do really. We all know that Julio's going to do anything and everything he can to stay in the best possible shape. We also know that Atlanta's staff of doctors in facilities are as good as it gets. Short answer: Heck yea I'm concerned. There's just nothing I can do about it.
  3. See to me it feels more fragile than that. To me even if one of the young guys truly separates himself we're still only one injury away from playing two extremely inexperienced guys on the interior. One of which will be responsible for taking a lot off of Matt Ryan's plate.
  4. To me it depends. There's a time and place for everything. I get that we are now a developmental team that gives the young guys a real chance, but when it comes to protecting the franchise qb in a championship contending window you do what needs to be done. All of this will come down to what Quinn and his staff are seeing on the field. One of these young guys will have to have to prove that they can provide adequate performance while developing throughout the season.
  5. It absolutely make sense. Mangold has been being pretty selective with who he wants to play for. I think after it became clear that he might not be able to get a starting Center position on a contender he either had to walk away or change his expectations. If he's okay with playing right guard and being the backup center this is a match made in heaven. My guess is having Alex Mack at center lessons the sting a little bit for him not being able to come in at his preferred position. If he can't have his favorite job it least he knows that's because there's a great player already there. Mangold is a tough son of a gun too. He will contribute.
  6. The teams that pose a threat will be the ones with the ability to methodically dominate the time of possession battle. This defense is going to continue to improve and if these other teams want a chance they can't really afford to play from behind against them. Teams will try to wear the Falcon's defense out.
  7. If he can somehow manage that level of play throughout 2017 we're going to be sitting pretty on the defensive line. However if he manages to regress back to previous form I'm not sure what his future will look like. He's a massive wildcard regardless.
  8. I actually like the fact that this will be Quinn's first season with coordinators who might be here for the long haul. Regardless of how long they stay I imagine that Quinn has seen this as the endgame. I'm sure he loved being able to leave the entire offense to Shannyboy but hes been preparing for life without him for 2 years now. I'm excited to see what happens all around.
  9. It's going to be Tyler Renew.
  10. Fair enough and very eloquently stated. That much i cant argue or disagree with one bit. I actually kind of agree.
  11. I do believe the average running qb will typically have a much shorter career, but Wilson isn't the typical running qb as you stated. The way he protects himself running really is brilliant. I have grown to like his game these last 2 years but when injury zapped his mobility last season he was noticeably less effective throughout a lot of it. If he wants to have a long lasting career at the top of the league he's going to need to find a way to be better WITHOUT mobility. I'm not saying turn him into something he's not. I'm simply saying I think that is an important part of deciding whether or not he will have a long sustained career of effectiveness.
  12. Julio basically said stick to what you're good at... watching others be good.
  13. The level of ignorance in the fan's comments is beyond reproach. I respect that he manned up though a lot.
  14. I actually think that was more subversive and clever than classy, and I love it even more because of that.
  15. Well that got weird in a hurry. Happy to help?
  16. Are you saying you'd deny your destiny to be Darth Vader? Haters...
  17. Regardless of what did or didn't happen this is all still being force fed. That is how it feels to me at least. I don't think any of this stops any time soon either. Whether or not these allegations have merit is irrelevant to those that are coordinating it. Even if the recent allegations were hypothetically proven false without a doubt.... there will just be another story coming down the pipeline.
  18. I just don't think you are seeing this through the same lens that these agents and GMs do. When it comes to negotiations of this financial magnitude you wont find a soul involved who thinks 10 million dollars wont make a big difference. Especially an agent. Many of these players see their playing careers as an incredible opportunity to establish a life of comfort and security for their families and generations to come. If I'm a player thinking about these things rest assured that matters to me dearly.
  19. Personally, i haven't truly ever payed the ESPYS any attention. It just seems to be more of a pageantry thing than anythings else, but i could be wrong.
  20. That hit on Willie Snead still blows me away man. It's one thing to get a shot like that in when a guy is still trying to secure a catch. This wasn't one of those times. This guy took a great play by Snead and the Stains and basically said, "nah this ends here." He somehow put himself in perfect position to knock Snead the **** out despite the fact that Snead was fully in control running free down the field. I just don't see that type of hit too often.
  21. The speed is fantastic to have by itself, but combine that speed with the grit you're referring to and you get something special.
  22. The entire concept of pointing to other QB's with the hopes of trying to compare each individual/ unique situation is a relatively fruitless exercise. The market is what it is. Regardless of anybody's opinion. I'm certainly not one to go around telling anybody that their opinion is meaningless. Sharing opinions is why we're here in the first place. That said, regarding this particular topic i consider it to be somewhat pointless. The market is what dictates these things. Yes, even more so than performance, track record or resume. If that were not the case, the salaries of QBs would correlate with their performance rankings. Being in the right place at the right time can now net an average quarterback close to 20 million annually. Its a crazy league financially, and its only going to get crazier.
  23. Very valid point. Fans can point to Brady's situation all they want, but the fact of the matter is that as you said, he's in an incredibly unique situation.