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  1. I agree with you here. No reason to hate the guy. Anybody in these forums would've taken that contract. That's a no brainer. He has family to feed. Why blame him for taking advantage of Dimiroffs offer? I don't think anybody would disagree. I am not a td hater, but frankly I think as g dawg said, Dimitroff's worst move as our gm was to sign Baker to that ridiculous contract. I felt that way the minute the news broke. Don't feel any different now.
  2. Jadaveon Clowney basically took care of this dilemma for us.
  3. Dude really? That was a quick flip flop. Lol
  4. So it's ignorance clearly.
  5. Do you deliberately ignore facts or is it just ignorance?
  6. Yup, what happens when the qb has to get rid of the ball before the play has developed? He has to float it.
  7. That was freaking hilarious.
  8. Why can't we just say he's been bad since two or three years ago?
  9. Question, Do you believe the crap you say? Or do you just type without thinking much?
  10. Your Thomas the train post is absolutely perfect Jerry. Plus 1 to you my friend.
  11. He is cute isn't he?
  12. Right, because Smith had absolutely zero culpability. Lmao. I really get tired of the "team Smitty" or "team TD" crap. I realize that's not your thing, your just an innocent troll who knows not what he means.
  13. He would be wise to expedite the process. No pun intended.
  14. I think he was being sarcastic about that part.
  15. Yea you don't write a book detailing your experience coaching if you're midway through your career usually. Interesting to say the least.