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  1. When I was watching him last night I was thinking about how his running style must make it difficult for him to shake defenders laterally without losing his strength /balance as a runner. Similar to how Jerious Norwood was, Coleman is in a lot of ways a sprinting gyroscope out there. You've got to keep him moving to keep that balance. Despite everybody viewing Coleman strictly as a speed back you couldn't find a more downhill style runner. Granted he isn't exactly built to be your prototype downhill style runner, but at some point you've got to let him be him. I feel like I saw him t
  2. After that first late/low hit he went off on the refs.
  3. Dallas takes so much pride in that offensive line. If there was one way to really stick it in Jerry's craw, it was by absolutely running the train on his qb with sack after sack.
  4. I would like to cough it up to human nature......................
  5. These are the types of things that can come back full circle though too though. **** was that a physical game overall.
  6. Add that to the list of occasions where Matt's use of that brace has saved our skin.
  7. He has been battling through a lot. It might be time for him to take it easy and be careful until further notice. The one thing i would like to see from Coleman is a little more creativity in knowing when to leave his feet to finish the run. I love his hard nosed finishing style, but there are occasions where he could keep the play moving with a little more vision and anticipation. Just nit picking here.
  8. Boy once that ball gets rolling its pretty hard to stop i guess. I need everybody to quit perpetuating all of the name calling around here. Please....
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