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  1. A game like that last one we had can take a lot out of an old timer. Old bones.... Man I'm ready for the season.
  2. @holymoses Need to tone it down a good bit.
  3. Implementing a bumper sticker mentality is a part of the overall team philosophy. Meaning there will never be a lack of phrases to draw from. One thing that can be interesting about this approach is that whenever we hear a new motto being pushed, it can actually give us some insight into what the staff/team is currently trying to prioritize.
  4. I'm not sure that issue has hit that critical mass point just yet. You guys would be amazed at how much politics has been stirring up trouble in TATF lately. Either way I'm pretty sure i created that forum for that exact reason, so hopefully that wont continue to be a problem. Despite my best poker face i actually do NOT enjoy banning members as much as it may seem.
  5. For the record whining about unfair treatment regarding political discussion is not exempt from this rule. My job as moderator is to enforce all of the rules fairly. With that said I promise to treat every suspension with equal amounts of indifference.
  6. It could always be worse.
  7. In case some people missed it I had to temporarily take away all of the threads that are usually pinned at the top of the Forum just to ensure that people get this message. I will return them to their rightful place after I am confident that all of the right people have taken notice.
  8. ANYTHING related to politics at all will not be tolerated in the Falcons forum. To be clear from now on if a member violates this rule he will receive a brief suspension for the first offense. Repeat offenses will be handled accordingly with increasing severity. Guys we genuinely couldn't care less about politics in this forum, much less partisan politics. Nobody comes here hoping to find political discourse. Even if it is well intended. Doing so is completely unfair to the people who come here for the right reasons. (To talk about the Falcons) If anybody wants to have discussions about anything other than the Falcons, there are numerous other forums for just that reason. Thanks from your TATF Moderators
  9. When it comes down to it there is more than one person that needs to be accountable for a systematic failure such as the one we witnessed in the Super Bowl.
  10. I get the sense that Mohamed Sanu could become even more important to the offense this season.
  11. "but no cool socks, just Nike's."
  12. Ignorance is ignorance. We should continue to battle ignorance with the appropriate countermeasures. There may be more than one way to skin a cat but ignorance only has one cure.
  13. Sometimes I think there are NFL fans that just don't fully grasp just how incredibly in depth the game planning process is. There are practically thousands of details these people obsess over when it comes to matching up with an opposing team. Offensive and defensive lines are basically out there playing the strategic equivalent of candyland during the pre-season. Knowing that these coaches aren't even scratching the surface when it comes to digging into their bag of tricks makes it impossible to analyze preseason games in the same way you would a regular season game. More than anything I just look for one-on-one matchups and development.
  14. One of my favorite moments in watching this defense come of age was when they put their foot down with Cam Newton. I think he felt like he even owned our building until last season happened. That said that's on the field, and that's really all I care about.
  15. The Narrative of how that game played out just isn't all that much of a mystery to me. In the end the Falcons were a young and hungry team overflowing with energy. Quinn did a heck of a job tapping into that energy down the stretch last year. This was enough to steamroll the Seahawks and Packers pretty much from the jump. The Patriots deserve credit for being able to withstand the haymakers Atlanta threw throughout the first three quarters of that game. Whether Atlanta shot themselves in the foot or not the Patriots/Brady were the only ones on the planet who could have pulled off that win.