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  1. Interesting p.o.v.
  2. Which is fair, but come up with a real list of requirements first, and then tell me who comes out on top. Don't tell me it's empirical if you don't have any real solid basis for it. As far as arguing they need more than 1 good season to be considered...... Well that's a different can of worms.
  3. The reality is that in that scenario the salary designated would be unreal for one position. Especially with only a limited number of targets to go around. lol not to mention Mr. Gonzalez. Sure is fun to picture though. Fitz would've been a great organizational fit.
  4. That would've been so ridiculous. Julio would give Fitz more room to work with than he ever has. I know earlier in his career he had some good offenses around him, but i still don't think even a guy like Anquan Boldin in his prime came close in demanding a coverage's attention. He just wasn't fast enough to demand what Julio does.
  5. I may or may not technically be in the Rocky Mountain State at the moment. The hippie part......
  6. There was a point where i wondered if he could be a Falcon. There were rumors that Atlanta wanted another wr to pair with Roddy and that they were poking around Arizona for Boldin or Fitz to make a deal. Then.....One day.... All of that came to a very abrupt end when a man by the name of Julio ******* ***** Jones came to town.
  7. The title was a cheap attempt to instigate fanbases into a visceral tizzy. Which isn't anything new. I'm just not sure I've seen an example that was this transparent.
  8. The title and how confidently empirical the article is at the beginning is just awesome. It really did make me laugh. It was also fun to see how it went from being so conclusive to throwing out a super flimsy per game Roethlesberger stat just to make it qualify as a trio.......
  9. I agree that OBJ is really good but any time he's being placed ahead of a guy like AJ Green he may be a little overrated. Wasn't there was a point coming off of his rookie season when people already wanted to put him ahead of Julio and Brown?
  10. He's probably not the only one in that locker that thinks he could've had an enormous game had we not been so allergic to running the ball down the stretch. It's the fact that he's pointing to the personal achievement side of things that gets everybody in a tizzy. Either way I'm pretty confident that these things are total non issues in the locker room. Heck if anything it's a source of competition. Lol @ the idea of other players getting mad at this.
  11. Ok let's leave that right there. No need to name call.
  12. I'm really glad Tru's injury was an upper body injury. I'm guessing the leg rest he got can't hurt and he was probably able to stay in relatively decent shape leading up to now.
  13. This is an occasion where i actually agree with Steven A Smith for a change. That said i think the whole topic is going to be something that ESPN will continue to discuss redundantly for the next decade.
  14. Hardy is absolutely one of my favorites on the team. I don't need him to be a superstar or put up probowl numbers. I just need him to continue to work his techniques and continue to make nothing but incredible catches out there. I hope he's with us for a long time personally.
  15. If Boldin wanted to come in for the vet minimum and play the player/coach role I'm not really going to stop it from happening personally. I get that its entirely unnecessary at this point but Boldin is a guy that's been around the league for a VERY long time. He's done so without having crazy athleticism or speed too. It's all been about toughness and hard work with him. For that reason alone I can't totally rule out the idea. There is usually a way to make room for that type of work ethic and dedication to the game. The actual amount of playing time he would get is the real question. I wonder exactly what hes looking for.