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  1. The fact of the matter is this franchise has never been dedicated to winning. They offered Kovy a deal that would have made him the highest paid player in the NHL. He didn't take it because he knew that he would not have a legitimate chance at winning the Stanley Cup here. In all honesty this is the best deal that Don could have hoped for. To be able to get 2 roster players, one of the Devils top prospects (Patrice Cormier), and the Devils first & second round draft picks for next year is not a bad deal at all. While I do believe that Donald Waddell needs to go, I also think that the Atlan
  2. Atlanta- Mike Bibby Boston- Paul Pierce Charlotte- Gerald Wallace Chicago- Derrick Rose Cleveland- Mo Williams Dallas- Dirk Nowitzki Denver- Carmelo Anthony Detroit- Rip Hamilton Golden State- Monta Ellis Houston- Tracy McGrady Indiana- Danny Granger LA Clippers- Baron Davis LA Lakers- Kobe Bryant Memphis- Rudy Gay Miami- Dwyane Wade Milwaukee- Michael Redd Minnesota- Al Jefferson New Jersey- Devin Harris New Orleans- Chris Paul New York- David Lee Oklahoma City- Kevin Durant Orlando- Dwight Howard Philadelphia- Andre Iguodala Phoenix- Steve Nash Portland- LaMarcus Aldridge Sacramento- Kevin M
  3. Juventus is out. That had to be one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen...
  4. The Redskins way overpaid for yet another free agent.
  5. I was doing good in the month of January, but this month I have been doing awful. The longest winning streak that I got was 6. My overall is like 77-61-1 or something like that...
  6. Tough loss for the Hawks. I thought we played well though considering we were without both Bibby and Josh Smith.
  7. Juventus played like crap today. That first half was just brutal to watch. They had a couple of chances late in the second half, but just couldn't capitalize on any of them. Pavel Nedved had a great game, he was all over the field today. Unfortunately the rest of the team decided not to show up and help him.
  8. Manchester United dominated most of the first half, but Inter Milan took it to them in the second half. I don't understand why Sir Alex waited so long to put Wayne Rooney in though.
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