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  1. This has been the longest offseason! I just want to thank all of you on the message boards for keeping me busy! Go Falcons!
  2. LOL! We need the season to start now, we have way to much time on our hands.
  3. I agree. And at least until we play a real game, we should give Peterson a chance. I think he is gonna be an upgrade but we really won't know til the end of the year. I bet people on the Arizona cardinals board were bashing alot of their players before the season started. Players. Can surprise when they have motivation and a positive coaching staff and true supportive fans!
  4. That's what it looked like. Their coach was so excited. LOL! Good game falcons! We got the rust off and I think we will be ready!
  5. Agreed, so many people think Turner isn't going to do as good or get as many yards as last year. That would be a great way to stick it to them.
  6. I just beat the dolphins in game one on madden 2010. The first play, Pennington got intercepted by Peria Jerry and he ran in for a touchdown. Who do you want to see score the first touchdown?
  7. If we go 17-0 with the schedule we have, we will be known as the best team in Nfl history. Let's do it!!
  8. Let's not forget how much more improved our o line will be from last with with a healthy Sam Baker! I'm excited to see our o line production. It's going to be great!
  9. hey if all else fails, I'm sure Favre could come and play WR.
  10. Happy B-day Falcons! Thanks for all the great memories and more to come!
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