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  1. They just sent out an email saying they are having a FREE tournament this Sunday for father's day with $300 in prizes for the top 9 finishers. So why not try it for free!! Fan Duel
  2. Has anyone tried these new fantasy sites for cash. Wall Street Journal wrote about how they have found a loophole that some how doesnt apply to Casinos and Poker etc link to article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703915204575103652233621286.html I've been using this site called fanduel. Seems legit and they give you $$ bonuses with deposit. Fan Duel
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  5. new code: Season2Bswaggy expires tmrw at 5PM
  6. NEW PRIZES!! They just added some new prizes to the Falcons swag store this week. http://myfalconssearch.swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-list&id=120 They include Matt Ryan and Michael Turner autographed footballs!! Pretty sweet! Unfamiliar with Swagbucks? It's a search engine just like Google, only you earn points as you search. Those points can then be redeemed for Gift cards, MP3's, video games, Falcons memorabilia etc. click below for more info and to join!
  7. New Code: Expires 430 PM on 9/11/09 Go to this site for it (each time someone logs it in generates a unique code) http://hosting.conduit.com/Messages/?ct=CT2260173 enjoy!
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  9. new code: "NewToolbar" but only good at www.swagbucks.com and not the falcons' site
  10. Considering he probably faced the two toughest defenses the past 2 weeks, I think Sanchez is actually going to be better than i originally thought. Granted the Jets D isnt what the Ravens was last year, Flacco seemed to fair just fine. I think Sanchez has more talent than Flacco did and I think the Jets O-line and running game is better than the Ravens was. I say they probably finish around 8-8 due to adjusting to a new system and a tough schedule ( AFC East, @ Indy, @Houston, Tenn, @NO, Carolina, and of course the Falcons!!)
  11. new code: 2MuchGoodStuff see above for how to enter a code!
  12. Joe Namath Curtis Martin Al Toon Mark Gastaneau Don Maynard
  13. Anyone know where you can find a list of when each training camp opens?
  14. I think I like the Thursday Night decision. I personally love the NBA draft which is midweek. Gives something to watch during April which is a slow sports month.
  15. Everyone take your race card and stick it back in your pocket for another rainy day. This has everything to do with law and nothing to do with race or which player it involves. Let me explain: There are TWO types of cases that can be brought to court. CRIMINAL and CIVIL. Criminal is when the cops or Feds are coming after you. Civil is when a person sues you for damages whether physical, business, emotion etc. For example OJ won his criminal case and was NOT convicted of murder. However, he LOST his civil case and was rules to have performed some harm and owed his wifes family etc money. The B
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