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  1. 2003 by far. I remember Asante Samuel saying that Dan Reeves had called him prior to the Bryan Scott selection and told him he was the pick. I also remember during the process we were linked heavily to Notre Dame WR Arnaz Battle. Get to the 5th round, he's ripe for the picking and we select WR Jon Olinger. Not that Battle had an outstanding career, but at least he had a career. Two really bizarre situations. I still laugh when I think about seeing Waine Bacon pop up on the screen. The draft could have been a little worse though. I remember Reeves saying that if we didn't trade for Peer
  2. Thank you Maine. The 2 previous responses made me believe this fan base has no hope. I'm excited for what we have, and equally excited for the picks we have left. Productive players can be had at any spot in any draft. In '07 Jamarcus Russell went #1 overall, supposedly turning a franchise around. 243 picks later, we selected Jason Snelling, who was supposed to be flipping burgers a week later. I realize that was a different regime, but the point remains. Trust the guys we have making the decisions. Draft picks can go either way, and right now we have a good chance at another elite WR.
  3. Alot of you guys find a way to turn everything into a negative. Draft picks are currency, and more does not necessarily equal better. Detroit, Arizona, Cleveland, Buffalo, Cincinnati all frequently pick in the top 10. And to what end? Picking in the top 10 next year. We used to be one of those teams. Now, we're a consistent contender. Trust the front office and coaching staff. They know more about football than you or I do. Especially you. The price was high, but the reward is an offense that will be extremely difficult to match up with. Looking at how the board fell, what would you
  4. Exactly. In this day and age, a fan protest can be organized quite easily. Most of us will never stop following this team, or the league in general, but I can easily live without merchandise or attending games live. If anyone knows how to start something like this up I'm sure alot of us would be happy to spread it around
  5. Agreed. Many of us from far and wide would give our left (or right) nut to be at the game. Do your individual part and whip that place into a frenzy from start to finish. 80% of the national media is picking GB to win. Take that as a personal insult and give our guys a serious edge.
  6. If you get a bunch of people together I hear they make a pretty good soup
  7. That was absolutely the right move at the time. We scored a 3rd (DeCoud) and Kerney has since retired. I'm not sure why I'm responding to this. It's brainless
  8. It's gross, but nothing that shouldn't get him a shot. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5497517
  9. As nice as this would be, I think we're more likely to replace Meier on the back end of the depth chart. Jerome Simpson, Jason Hill, Demetrius Williams, Juaquin Iglesias, Andre Davis are all fighting for roster spots and there are dozens more that we can watch for at cut time or off of practice squads. Not really an exciting way to go about business but more feasible in the long run than having 2 high end receivers to pay.
  10. You realize how ridiculous a pace this would be, right? If he's between 4-5 per game it will be a highly successful season
  11. I can't see him getting away. In that one game he bettered Sinorice Moss' entire career. I'm sure Moss will be available but he's a proven bum. I'm just hoping for a little better than Marty Booker.
  12. I've been looking at some rosters trying to find receivers that are on the wrong end of the numbers game for their respective teams. If the replacement for Meier isn't currently on the roster I thought I'd dig around and see who may be available at cuts, or even now for light compensation. So far Cincinnati looks like a logical trade partner. They have Chad, Owens, Shipley, Bryant, Caldwell, Simpson, Cosby, Purify and Matt Jones. It's looking like they'll cut Bryant with an injury settlement which still leaves 8 for 6. Chad, Owens and Shipley are guaranteed. I've heard Palmer talk about P
  13. This week TMZ.com posted video of man punching a woman outside of a bar in Austin, Texas. The impact of the blow to the young woman, which came from behind and was never seen by the victim, sent her crashing face down into the pavement. The man who was seen punching the woman was then confronted and allegedly beaten by MMA fighter Roger Huerta. While the identity of the man who struck the woman has not officially been released by the Austin Police Department, I’ve learned from multiple sources who threw the punch.Former starting Univ. of Texas Linebacker Rashad Bobino, who last played
  14. Pick up a copy of Pat Kirwan's book. He doesn't try to be elitist, nor does he dumb things down. He's very good at simplifying concepts
  15. Gonzalez and Garcon did very little in their rookie years. Nicks, Maclin, Harvin and Crabtree were first rounders who were expected to start early on. Meier is a long term investment. Not saying a late rounder can't make an immediate impact, but Colston is the exception, not the rule. Today, Jenkins is the best we have.
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