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  1. I wish Akeem Dent would fake an injury so he could go on IR. He's just going to be a season-long inactive if/when he makes the team. 2011 will be a redshirt year for him either way - it would be better for us if the roster spot were freed up.
  2. I admit that I thought there was a good chance that Harry Douglas was not going to make the team this year. Before the team traded up for Julio, I had been hoping that they'd grab Randall Cobb or Jerrel Jernigan to replace Harry in the slot. Because frankly it didn't seem to me that Ryan had much faith in Harry last season - their timing looked off in a number of games and Harry was basically lower in Ryan's comfortability pecking order than guys like Finneran and Peelle. But I'm very happy to see HD make strides this preseason and hope that he builds on what he's shown thus far and becomes a dynamic threat for the offense during the season.
  3. I've been wondering why it's taking so long for the Falcons to announce the J. Sanders and Hayden signings. My guess is they're working on a trade to free up a roster spot and/or restructuring(s) to free up cap room. Because if it were simply a matter of cutting 2 scrubs, they probably would have done so by now. As for restructurings, I have to imagine it would be in Chauncey Davis' best interest to take a pay cut to stay with the team; he's not going to make much more than the veteran minimum if he hit the open market at this point. And I think in their heart of hearts, the team would much rather hold onto Chauncey than Sidbury if cost weren't a factor. I also could see the Falcons extending Redman's contract and lowering his '11 cap number in the process. As for trades, I could see them shopping Svitek or Valdez for a future late round pick since it seems unlikely post-Romberg signing that they have room for both on the opening day roster. Minnesota would seem to make some sense since Musgrave is familiar with both players and the Vikes' O-line is in such bad shape that either one of those 2 could be forced into action. Also wouldn't surprise me if Dimitroff is working the phones with St. Louis or Detroit, who have a recent tendency to pick up players the Falcons have lost interest in keeping around.
  4. I'm skeptical that the Chiefs would be interested in this deal - they have a ton of needs, are still converting from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and have new coordinators on both sides of the football. Pioli's track record suggests he'd be more likely to stockpile 2nd round picks than give them up. On the Falcons side, it all depends on Dimitroff's board to be honest. I think the scouts have earned the benefit of the doubt, so if they think that there's not a big drop-off between what the team can get at 19 vs. what they can get in the 2nd, then this move makes a lot of sense. Personally, I think our depth is more than serviceable so I'm more in favor of moving up within the first 3 rounds to get players Dimitroff and co identify as future starters. I wouldn't be opposed to trading a 2009 pick for a 2010 pick if the right offer came along.
  5. Compensatory picks can't be traded. But the team can certainly package its actual 3rd round pick with any other non-compensatory picks to move into the 2nd.
  6. in his AFC North recap. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=4104791&a...egoryid=2459789
  7. Add Jose Valdez OT Arkansas to the list http://www.kfsm.com/sports/razorbacks/kfsm...0,7440602.story I wonder if Bobby Petrino recommended him... :P
  8. I'm not convinced that we were targeting McKinley and Brandstater. And even if we were, I'd rather have Vance Walker and Garrett Reynolds anyway.
  9. Looks like the 3rd round is set up well to be a run on TEs. All the better for us.
  10. Found confirmation on Rotoworld: "NFL Network's Mike Lombardi reports that the Seahawks have taken the franchise tag off LB LeRoy Hill, making him a free agent. A stunner. We didn't quite see how rookie Aaron Curry and Hill fit together, but we figured Seattle would find room for their solid veteran player. Hill immediatley becomes the best free agent on the market, but we don't think he'll find a deal as big as the $36 million offer he rejected from Seattle earlier this year." This would be an awesome move if he could somehow squeeze through the filter. I'm not crazy about any of the day 2 OLB prospects...
  11. I don't see Kiper's on ESPN, but Scouts Inc.'s best available info is up and it's fairly similar to what Kiper had: 1) D.J. Moore CB Vandy 2) Rashad Johnson S Bama 3) Cornelius Ingram TE Florida 4) Lawrence Sidbury DE Richmond 5) Shawn Nelson TE S Miss 6) Jared Cook TE S Carolina 7) Michael Johnson DE GA Tech 8) Jarron Gilbert DT/DE San Jose State (I think he's #1 available on Mel's board) 9) Shonn Greene RB Iowa 10) Jamon Meredith OT/OG S Carolina 11) James Casey TE Rice (Mel isn't as big a fan of Casey) 12) Andre Brown RB NC State 13) Derrick Williams WR Penn State 14) Asher Allen CB UGA 15) Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma 16) Tyrone McKenzie OLB USF 17) Donald Washington CB Ohio State 18) Chase Coffman TE Mizzou 19) Alex Magee DT Purdue 20) Coye Francies CB San Jose State 21) T.J. Lang OG/OT E Mich 22) Brandon Williams DE Texas Tech 23) Tyronne Green OG Auburn 24) Chip Vaughn S Wake Forest 25) Antoine Caldwell C Alabama 26) Mike Thomas WR Arizona 27) Glen Coffee RB Alabama 28) Cameron Morrah TE Cal 29) Kevin Barnes CB Maryland 30) Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M
  12. Julian Peterson is not a Seahawk anymore - they traded him to Detroit.
  13. There are plenty of other cornerbacks with round 3-5 grades still out there that you don't mention, some of whom we had in for private visits: Kevin Barnes Bradley Fletcher Chris Owens Coye Francies Victor Harris Donald Washington Asher Allen etc. Keep in mind that a CB taken in the late 3rd round may end up being no better than our #5 corner. If D.J. Moore falls, that's one thing. But for the rest of them, I'm not sure that they'd be any better than Houston, Jackson, Hutchins or Grimes as far as 2009 goes. So if there's a higher-ranked OLB, DE or OL on the board at our 3rd round pick, we shouldn't feel the need to reach for a corner.
  14. Just a guess, but I don't think Harris goes any higher than the 4th or 5th. So many faster corners have stocks that are flying right now (Kevin Barnes, Sherrod Martin, Bradley Fletcher, Donald Washington, Greg Toler, Chris Owens) and that will probably push Harris down the board somewhat. Also, not as many teams play Cover 2 anymore and I would think that both D.J. Moore and Jairus Byrd would rank ahead of Harris as far as Cover 2 corners go.
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