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  1. In hind sight, I do regret making this poll because I should have known that people would have been biased in the first place.
  2. But that was not the intent of the thread, to vote on personal opinion according to their beliefs. The intent of the thread was to see who made a better argument on the topic. There is no "attention whore" label to the poll, it is just an insight on who the other board members thought made a better case. I never said that I had made a better case did I? I never even implied it, I was simply looking for who the board thought made a better case, nothing more.
  3. If you like to think of it that way, sure, that's 2 more biased votes.
  4. And if you make this thread, you will answer how you think Adam creating Eve from his rib is rational right? I just want to make sure because knowing you, you'll dodge the question left and right if I don't make that clear.
  5. Ok, go ahead, I'd like to see the bull **** you throw out there, I won't post 1 comment in it, I promise.
  6. And how is my signature slanderous bull when it's the truth, you never answered the question you said you were going to answer.
  7. Ok, I'll do it for the 20th time. It is scientifically impossible (so far) to recreate a female from a males rib bone, which makes it irrational. There, that's my defense, now what is your defense on why it is rational?
  8. ________________________________________________________________________________ Who's whining, I'm just speaking the truth.
  9. No, the question is not who won the poll, the question is do you refuse to make a case that Adam creating Eve from his rib is rational. Answer the question I asked, don't change the subject hypocrite.
  10. Noone was "pwned", everyone is not following the guidelines of the poll, they are only going on this thread alone, not the other one that this poll is based upon.
  11. Make your case you hypocrite, do you refuse to make a case? Answer yes or no, a simple question.
  12. Did I not already answer this? I said it's probably because it's a big *** ocean out there, we know more about the universe than we do the oceans. Maybe because it is so big, we haven't seen it until recently. But where's the proof of Jesus being ressurected or Eve being made from Adam's rib? Where's the proof that that is true? There is tons and tons more evidence that supports evolution than there is creationism. You can't make a case without any evidence to back it up, which means you have no ammo, no guns, nor a belt to hold your empty holster. Open your mind instead of believing in words in a book.
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