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    Atlanta Falcons!!!
  1. I was completely honest and voted that it'll be a hard fought game, but we'll lose. Judging from the way we've played the first 4 games, I am not confident enough to say that we'll take this game. I hope my beloved Falcons will make me eat my words.
  2. lmaooo sorry for the typo - we're going to win against Vick from here on out no matter where he goes.
  3. Urrrgh not liking the way we're looking... but I do say we're going 11-5 this season. I still have faith that we will turn this around. Seahawks - W Packers - L Panthers - W Lions - W Colts - W Saints - W Titans - W Vickings - W Texans - L Panthers - W Jaguars - W Saints - L Bucs - W
  4. Can we PLEASE have the black on black? The guys looked great when they use to wear that!
  5. LOL...I get into FB arguments every football season with some of my friends who are... yuck....Saints and 49ers fans. Not sure why they're still on my friends list.
  6. Falcons... 10+ ... and honestly, I'm not interested in any other sports to rate the teams
  7. I would be horibbly sad if Grimes end up with another team. He's a Falcon and should reamin that way.
  8. I chose home black. I do like the throwbacks but I like our current logo better. It looks more fierce. I wish we would rotate our black on black back in.
  9. I still wear my Falcons shirt, necklace, and hoodie out and to work... and I don't care what anyone says or thinks. When I host the super bowl party at my house (I do it every year), I'm going to wear my Falcons jersey. I dare someone to say something to me.
  10. Seriously??? These polls are so ridiculous. Why would u be content with just a winning season? What's the point of playing if u don't want to have the top championship?
  11. LOL... funny topic We don't need the rest of the country to pity to us so we can get a free ride to the Super Bowl.
  12. yes.. we have played our hearts out! We have a high chance of making it to the Super Bowl and winning, but for now and today, I am enjoying and celebrating our success thus far. I am soooo proud of our team!!
  13. I totally agree!! The wave is annoying as it is, but doing it while our offense was on the field made it even more annoying.
  14. my all-time favorite will have to be that Grimes interception - he jumped so high he almost touched the ceiling
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