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  1. Graham was a LB coming into Michigan, but he @ least had 4 years of playing the position. And he spent the time before that on the defensive side of the ball. JPP was a basketball player until his senior year of HS, and JA98 was a WR until his sophomore year of college(allegedly)
  2. In the way that matters most. Both are/were "1 year wonders" who have/had less DE experience than a good portion of HS seniors.
  3. I think it would be a little overkill. We already have 2 starter-worthy guys(D-Rob and Grimes), a developmental project(Owens), and depth. On a side note, I think it's funny how more people would think better of us drafting a CB in the 1st than a WR.... :blink:
  4. *tries* Nnamdi Revis Woodson DRC Finnegan Leon Hall(Bengals) Asante Samuel The bolded ones are the ones I think probably are better, the other names are ones I thought of that would be argued. I voted Top 10, but after that, I could probably say top 5? But would I(or any of us) be sayin this if he was still a Texan?
  5. Bedwetter does sound hilarious (it was too easy)
  6. I've been a fan of his since o7(just because we share the same name) and I agree that he's a baller. I just don't think we're gonna draft him
  7. U know what? I'm not even gonna neg U. That was a fact, not even random trolling. Let's just see what happens this year. K?
  8. Make your bold predictions here, ones that U think have @ least a chance of happening I think Garrett Reynolds will end up starting @ RT before the season is out. Keep it goin....
  9. True. But would you rather have Pouncey or [insert your favorite 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round prospects here]?
  10. I was gonna go to that with my family but I have to go get my Beerman on on the field Saturday
  11. Ain't no way we take Pouncey @ 19 with Clausen on the board. TD WILL make a call and find somebody to trade with to get more picks and better value than that.
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