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  1. So. How is the weather over there Atlanta?
  2. Where is the wildcat? They need to generate some kind of momentum, and it needs to be now
  3. The Dolphins are really on their *** with Thigpen as their QB
  4. Why didn't the Vick lovers just change teams when he was picked up by the Eagles
  5. Not really a exciting game. Mistake getting up late in Denmark to watch it
  6. A dominant LT. Move Baker to RT. I believe he could excel at that position. Also a gamechanging speed back! Sproles seems like a nice option if he hits FA
  7. Jenkins truly has helped this offense, and should have silenced the haters. Douglas needs to catch the ball a couple of times in a row. Regain his confidence and then maybe he could be a factor later on in the season. He has all the potential in the world.
  8. Spooooooon. Nice to have him back. He will help a lot.
  9. I personally think we need to replace him with a new speed back who is not prone to injuries. Darren Sproles will be a FA next year, and he won't be to expensive. He must have realized by now that he is not starting RB material. We could use a speed back like him who can change the game in an instance. He can play ST to, and get us great field position almost every time. Or we could go get a replacement through the draft. I am in favor of getting Sproles, but what do you think we should do with him? Or of course it could end up with no CBA and no football, and then we wouldn't even have to dis
  10. Would be nice to actually be able to talk about the game in here for once
  11. That would actually be okay to play a bit before the kick off
  12. Roddy is slowly becoming one of the leagues best. I can honestly say that I believe that he is the best all around WR in the game today! he can block, go deep, run after the catch. He can do it all! Maybe not go deep as well as Andre Johnson or Fitz but hey he is definetly catching up
  13. Sucks that we are missing Jenkins. He could really contribute in the passing game. Especially with HD moving to the slot
  14. No it won't but hopefully it will make them feel sence of urgency and eventually force them to call a few risky plays. They know if they get behind early with 2 scores the game is lost. Their only chance to beat us is Peyton Hillis. Even if he gets going I belive we will beat them but I would love to see a blow out
  15. Then what if Hillis comes out running us over, and eating up the clock? It is important for us to take him out of the game with an early lead
  16. Its fun to be the underdog to everybody else, well knowing that youre team can beat anyone in this league!
  17. The coin toss will be more important than you think! It is important for us to start with the ball and get an early lead. If the Browns are trailing from the start, their only weapon Peyton Hillis will be taken right out of them game, and force them to make Delhomme beat us, and come on son. Delhomme won't beat us through the air. Screen passes is something we should use very much tomorrow! The Browns defense will be coming at us hard blitzing a lot. If we can make successfully perform one screen of a blitz it could 30+ yards. Just a few key factors that could be really important!
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