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  1. People are realizing that they can't talk bad about us anymore. If they do they look like idiots. We are legit
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually said this. Or Lombardi for that matter. They have an agenda. To make the sure the Falcons never get the attention of the media, and look good.
  3. Our D really has bright future. Young upcoming players all over the place. In 3 years we will be dominant!
  4. The 32nd slot. Cool. He may be a bit of a tweener between DE and OLB, but I would be fine with the pick.
  5. They can't stop. They have a huge man crush
  6. I bet they both think highly of each other despite what Vick did in the past. They are both great players. Ryan a bit better
  7. It's tough to watch the NFL in Europe due to the time difference. I still stay up till late night watching the games. I never miss a game
  8. Well I'm only 17 years old, but have been interested in the sport since I was a little kid! Always loved the Falcons, since I first started to take interest in the sport.
  9. Getting shut out on a thursday night. Embarassing
  10. If the Fins fail on this drive to its game over
  11. At least we are celebrating the one week anniversary of the Falcons whopping of the Ravens
  12. Dolphins getting embarrased on national TV. Awesome
  13. Is it possible? Could we see a touchdown within the next 3 plays :ph34r:
  14. Same here. The Packers must have beat themselves.
  15. Wow an incomplete deep throw. The most exciting play of this game.....
  16. Makes you wonder how they beat the Packers
  17. That's way better than what we are sporting over here in Northern Europe. 30 degrees fahrenheit for the win
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