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  1. Would love to have AH, but i am more of a fan of getting Rocky Bernard, wouldn't be a big cap hit. And with the extra money we got we could still go out and get someone like Dansby.. But i would love either way
  2. I thought about bringing in C Antoine Caldwell, he could in a year or two replace McClure.. But thought that we could get an OL later..
  3. I would love it ! We could pick up some great players with another second and a third round pick. let's say we trade with Detroit, then check this out . 2nd round (From Detroit) - D.J. Moore CB 2nd round - Shawn Nelson TE 3rd round (From Detroit) - Marcus Freeman LB 3rd round - Michael Hamlin S Could be a good draft
  4. Thanks man! Helps when your'e making a mock and trying to think about who is out there : )
  5. If we were to do that, I would like someone like Dansby(FA) to replace Brooking, and Delmas(Draft) to replace Milloy..
  6. Pittsburgh fan.. Who cares in Atlanta, we weren't in it But if i had to comment, i would say that he is one of the best under pressure but not one of the best in the game..
  7. Get Brooking, Gandy and Milloy out of here.. We can get better players in FA and in the draft
  8. What is your problem. Matty Ice will succeed once again
  9. I agree with that, take a chance and put JA98 in besides Babineaux, and then drop AH and buy Dansby to replace Brooking
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