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  1. Looks like Schaub will return though. Without him the Texans are doomed. Hopefully they can get it going in the 3rd qtr.
  2. 1: After 31 career starts he was the QB with 2nd most wins percentage wise among all starting QBs the NFL today. Don't have the stats up to date. http://shopping.hornerxpress.com/STARTERWINS.PNG 2: Matt "The Iceman" has led 12 game winning drives in his career. Some of these against top defenses as the Packers and the Ravens. The definition of a clutch QB. 3: Not only is he winning, and leading us on game winning drives, but his stats are "elite" to. He is on pace to throw 27 TDs, 7 INTs and almost 4000 yards. 4: Matt Ryan has the study habits of Peyton Manning. There is not a defense that
  3. We are the most balanced offense in the league. If the run is taken away Matt will beat you through the air. The Iceman has really taken it to another level this year. IMO he has become an elite QB.
  4. They need to score on this drive. get the ball again in the 3rd qtr score again and take the lead!
  5. Uncool mate. Im as passionate as any Falcons fan there is. I live in Denmark and stay up till late night and watch the games. Never miss a single game, despite having to get up early next morning.
  6. This one is going to get ugly. The Iggles are doing whatever they want right now
  7. Would love it if the Iggles lost. Can't stand 'em
  8. No doubt he should. If he can throw for more than 4000 yards, get about 25 TDs, and single digit INT he should even be an MVP candidate
  9. What a loser. He is just mad they didn't get Ryan in the draft
  10. We need him. He has been a big factor for our D this year.
  11. I think Abe would have played if we met the Packers this week. I believe we may have rested him
  12. Roddy is over 1000. We are looking awesome. If we beat the Packers, people will see it
  13. May be to early to call him a top 10 safety already. But he is looking good!
  14. Ryan will be like Peyton. Just wait. In 2 years he will be in the conversation with Brady, Brees and so on
  15. If we beat the Packers we will be truly respected. People will have to take notice
  16. They give it to the Rams due to the fact that we "suck" on the road despite the fact that we beat the Saints in their house. We will prove everyone wrong.
  17. Chill guys. Im in Europe. The game ends in the middle of the night over here
  18. If we win they will say these exact words: It was the Rams. If we loose they will say these exact words: The Rams are the future with Sam Bradford leading them forward
  19. The Ravens stopped Turner. Look how that game ended
  20. People will have to start paying attention to us if we whoop the Rams in their house. They didn't do it when we beat NO in their house, but maybe they will after we beat the Ravens. 31-10 Falcons
  21. People believe it'll be close. No way with the way we are playing atm. 28-10 ATL
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