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  1. What is the difference between the Falocns and the Saints this season? Falcons 11-2 Saints 10-3
  2. Of course we should take every game seriously. Sometimes its just hard when you meet someone like the Panties.
  3. Locks should be White and Ryan. But we could easily see more in the Pro Bowl, if people didn't just vote for the ones they know.
  4. La Canfora is seriously not a good analyst or reporter. He is never first with the news, and always just reports whatever the other guys say. He has a man crush on the Saints, putting them number 1 on his power rankings every week, talking big about them and never really giving the Falcons credit. He still hasn't bought into us yet. He only puts us 3rd in his power rankings because if he didn't he would look like a fool
  5. That would be so cool. Make a thread called Shout out to Jay Adams. not sure if he reads through every thread
  6. Ryan have taken it to another level. He should be one of the top candidates for the MVP
  7. Sorry to hear mate. Good luck! Go Falcons
  8. Roddy and Matt looks like really cool guys. Looks like a cool interview
  9. I love Norwood. He is one of the most explosive players in the game, but he is injured way to much. He will not be a Falcon next year. We will draft a replacement. Maybe Noel Devine
  10. That was one lucky break. We would be nowhere if it weren't for luck. Better not tell the Saints fan that they are right about us. Lol
  11. Well. We got Matt Ryan. I don't care about those who have left even though it shows that we know how to draft quality players
  12. Woodson has not been giving us the respect we deserve. There is always a problem with us. We'll just let our game do the talk
  13. Vick is not looking that great huh? Ryan for MVP
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