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  1. Ryan won't be injured. To awesome. End of discussion
  2. Ryan will show come week 2 that he is the new king of Atlanta.
  3. Nice to see that Heath still feels the burn after Falcons beat the Aints in their house.
  4. He's been doing videos for the Bears the last couple of years, and he constantly talks BS about the opponent. Fortunately we have made him eat crow the last 2 times we've met the Bears
  5. The Eagles backfield will be torn apart by Matty, Julio, Roddy and Tony G.
  6. Julio will be the ROTY. Im sure of it. Dude is a breast. Hard working, dedicated, athletic. Just wait and see.
  7. Im never wrong. Lol jk. I thought Jamaal Anderson would be brilliant.
  8. nice pick with Jacquizz. I thought it was gonna be Julio.
  9. Give me Brandon MeBane or Tommy Harris.
  10. This is what happens during a lockout.
  11. I just want football. Don't care how. Just get me football on Sunday.
  12. To many injuries. I love Norwood but the injury factor cannot be overlooked anymore. We need a change of pace back that has a nice injury history.
  13. Greg Little and Denarius Moore are my favorite receiver prospects. Little is my favorite though. Despite the character issues he has obvious 1st round talent. He would be an upgrade over MJ12 IMO.
  14. We need a playmaker to take our offense to the next level.
  15. Thomas Davis. Coming off 2 major knee surgeries. He will be cheap, but if he can regain his past form, he will be a steal at LB. Great cover guy.
  16. Musgrave should take over after Mularkey.
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