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  1. Im a so confident that our birds will win this. I have numerous trash talks going on with fellow employees, who of course believe that the unbeatable Seahawks will trash us. I honestly believe we will beat them by 14+ points. I think our boys are ready. If we lose you can bring this thread up, or you make make a sig bet with me, but that won't be necessary..


    Sign up if you are as confident as me

  2. Im a Falcons fan from Denmark :)

    I went to my first Atlanta Falcons game just a couple of weeks ago. It was the game against the Giants. I have been wanting to go for several years, and after having saved up for it for so many years I finally went. I screamed my lungs out, and then got on the plane back home almost immediately after the game. Couldn't afford to stay at a hotel so I had to leave quickly after. I got a Matt Ryan signed helmet and a Sean Weatherspoon jersey.

    When the Falcons play in Denmark I'm always up all night watching them even though I have to get up and go to work early morning. I love my Falcons even though the time difference makes it a bit hard sometimes!

    I would travel all the way from Europe again just to see another game with my birds. Especially the championship game!! So take me into consideration. I'm a huge fan!

  3. Wow what a game! It was my first game at the Dome! I came all the way from Denmark to watch this and it was worth every penny i spent. I even got a signed Matt Ryan helmet!!! Im so excited. Now to recap the game.


    We NEVER took our foot off the gas. We played hard every second of the game. Hopefully a change of philosophy for Smitty.

    Matt Ryan can throw every pass. His deep ball is amazing and his arm has greatly improved.

    The defense is focused. They never stopped playing, and gave it all they got for all 60 minutes.

    Loved the way our offensive line played today. Handled one of the best DLines in the game gracefully and gave Ryan enough time to let the plays develop. Encouraging!!!

    Ryan broke the franchise record for most passing yards in a season. Grats to him! The best QB the Falcons have ever had.


    Dominique Franks. Man he runs scared on those punt returns.


  4. Hey guys!

    I just arrived here in Atlanta from Europe, and I am going to see the game against the Giants tomorrow. Any tips for tailgating I might want to know about? Would be a real help :)

    Cant wait to watch my dirty birds play for the first time!!! Go Falcons


  5. It was his receivers fault that this game didn't at least go to overtime. Matt Ryan gave us a chance to win. He may not have played a good game, but when it mattered he made the necessary throws to put is in a position to tie the game. Unfortunately Julio dropped a surefire TD and cost us the game. Don't blame Matty for this one guys. His receivers couldn't catch the ball all day!

  6. I know this is not Falcons related, but they are often mentioned. I have started up a blog in Denmark about the NFL. Im trying to spread the phenomenon called football to my fellow countrymen! It is my dream to become a sports journalist, and I have really put a lot of work into this. I would really appreciate if y'all took the time to like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter if you twit!

    Thanks a lot guys. Falcons for ever!



    The blog itself is www.nflnu.blogspot.com

    It is in danish so you probably won't understand but if I can get enough followers, it will start getting noticed!!

    Thanks again. I appreciate all of you for helping me achieve my dream!

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