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  1. Evening folks! Is anyone else having problems viewing and/or listening to the interviews as of late? If so how did you fix the problem
  2. Im traveling from NYC for the Dallas game. Anybody up there?!! I will be with a Dallas fan (just an FYI) lol
  3. How much will you let that ticket go for?
  4. @crucifixz.... would you happen to have the link to the entire episode?
  5. Would anybody happen to have the full episode link? I heard it was on Friday night at 7pm.
  6. The real question here is... will the saints actually have a team this year?!
  7. Seems like all the Asante Samuel news is taking over the board.
  8. Im starting to think that all of the good defensive sequences the falcons had, Mike smith had his hands in and all of the horrific sequences BVG did on his own.
  9. I sure hope so! Not to take anything away from Mike Smith I think he's pretty good but dealing with an elementary type DC in BVG I think it's time! Now MS has a proven and established DC, sit back and chill a bit. I meen still have your input but let him do whats best given the situation.
  10. Anyone have any? Can't really find anything on him.
  11. On the field or up in the coaches box? Do you think it will make any difference?
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