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  1. Looks like Julian Humphrey has officially decommitted from the Gators. Hopefully the last guy to leave Mullen’s recruiting class will remember to turn out the lights.
  2. Anyone else believe Mykel Williams is as likely to be playing at USC when all is said and done as my grandmother is?
  3. That That must have been one underwhelming recruiting palace we built. Dang thing’s having the opposite effect of what it was supposed to.
  4. Apparently Big Kat Bryant is entering the portal. You guys think we have a shot? Would be sort of cool to see him play with Quay Walker.
  5. Mike’s dad will always be “Coach Bobo” to me. Haha. It’s funny to see all these WB gurus on social media. I’d put George Bobo’s list of players he’s worked with in the past twenty-five years up against anybody’s.
  6. His high school coach coached Jake Fromm and Trey Hill at Houston County and that part of the state is very UGA friendly. I think he’ll come around before all is said and done.
  7. I agree. It’s not a QB talent evaluation issue. Fields was on the roster. They offered Trevor Lawrence when he was a freshman.
  8. It’s the cordless screwdriver you miss the most. Wife takes mine to hang a picture and it’s like it sailed into the Bermuda Triangle.
  9. I think will be the only one missing more than a dozen pliers yes.I think will be the only one missing more than a dozen.
  10. You and I both know that’s the proposition you want to go with because you know that Alabama in the Citrus is a bigger draw. I don’t think I need to bet anymore because you just proved my point. But why not? It’ll be fun. You’re on.
  11. The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t make a direct comparison of ticket prices “apples vs. oranges.” I’ll make you a bet. If the Sugar Bowl has a higher television rating than the Citrus and Orange, I won’t post on this board for a month. If Florida or Alabama outdraw us you do the same. Deal?
  12. Sure. I think the fact you can walk into the Sugar Bowl for $14.00 is a pretty good indicator of program excitement. There are going to be a lot of empty seats in that stadium. There’ll be pictures of the empty seats all over the Internet. The folks from the Sugar Bowl committee will just be thrilled. Citrus Bowl Sugar Bowl Orange Bowl
  13. If you’ve got some actual hard numbers showing that UGA’s a bigger TV draw year in and year out than Florida or Alabama, who could also be in this game, please post them.
  14. He can do that or he can recruit an army of five stars from across the country whose objective is to get to the NFL. I’ll take my chances on the five stars.
  15. Didn’t say they get sole veto power. Just that at some point these folks are going to start balking at this arrangement. They don’t have a choice. Falling hotel revenues, a lesser TV product. At some point the numbers just don’t add up.
  16. Yeah sounds like things are humming along smoothly in Athens.
  17. If I were the Sugar Bowl folks I’d tell the SEC I’m not taking Georgia under these circumstances again. Why should they when half the team isn’t playing and as a result the fans aren’t showing up? Take somebody who actually wants to be there instead.
  18. If we were going to get one or the other and we got the one who was at the top of our board, I’m not sure what there is to argue about either. Also it’s possible that he wasn’t thrilled about distance but was willing to give it a shot for the right opportunity. A lot of different factors go into a recruit’s decision and they’re all negotiable on some level. Only the Sith deal in absolutes.
  19. This. Every two star guard with a bum shoulder Neil Callaway signed was also a risk. Most of them never played a meaningful snap. The risk/reward with Evans is that you may have to discipline him, or he potentially becomes an All American. The film doesn’t lie. If Kirby’s okay with it I am too.
  20. I don’t know. We’ll have FitzPatrick, Goede, Seither and hopefully Washington. I can think of bigger needs than a fifth TE. But now that you mention it the fact that we don’t seem to be pursuing anyone else makes it seem like Washington is a done deal.
  21. Good thing SI’s “mavens” are basically freelance bloggers and not actual professional journalists.
  22. Saw that Demon Clowney isn’t signing with LSU today. Hope they’re not freeing up space for Burch.
  23. Given the late offers it looks like more than the staff anticipated as well. The number of elite homegrown linebackers we passed on only to now find ourselves in a tight is really disappointing. Going to be a great class but we’re going to regret not going after some of those guys.
  24. Kirby’s at Jordan Burch’s basketball game tonight. Dabo was there last night, Orgeron tomorrow.
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