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  1. The imminent commit is waiting eminently.
  2. Looks like the Texas and A&M 247 guys have both crystal balled Evans to UGA this morning. That sounds pretty much like checkmate to me.
  3. He needs to add weight to play in the SEC but they say he has a good head for the game.
  4. It’s an interesting class at WR. Not a lot of highly rated big receivers, lot of really fast 5’10 to 6’0 guys. LSU’s group is something if they all stick.
  5. In Texas I think the expression for it is “All hat, no cattle.” Or “fake it till you make it.”
  6. Thought this satirical article about how Spurrier might talk to Mullen about how things are going in Gainesville was pretty funny. Its funny everybody pretends like Spurrier didn’t care about recruiting but some of his classes in the late 90’s were loaded.
  7. I give it four months.
  8. When I was in school the coaches would often put the good kids rooming with the ones they worried would get in trouble, kind of a babysitter. Usually the kid doing the babysitting gets mad because he didn’t come to school to play hall monitor, and the kid being babysat looks at the other guy as a snitch. Wonder if that was the situation here.
  9. For just one day I’d love to be as popular as the second string quarterback on any SEC football team. Everybody always loves that guy, at least until he becomes the first stringer.
  10. Really enjoying all this recruiting discussion.
  11. Those would be outstanding hires. The flipside of it would be that if Richt gets his choices and it doesn’t turn around that’s probably it. I think most Georgia fans really want him to succeed at Miami, partially because it would hurt the Gators. Little sad to see Miami fans noticing all the same issues (O line, play caller) that ended up getting him run out of Athens.
  12. Kind of my thinking as well. Feel like if we’re in it for Webb we don’t take Miller and if we’re in it for Cain then Chambers isn’t a take. Battle I could definitely see us finding room for especially if Elam isn’t coming.
  13. Anybody think we take a run at Harry Miller, Jordan Battle or Steele Chambers with Meyer “retiring.”
  14. I would presume the coaches will get out on the road for some in home visits this week. Anybody seen anything on who we’re seeing?
  15. This is older (doesn't have his junior highlights) but looks like a pretty fair write up.